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50 Cent once made $100 million selling water

50 Cent once made $100 million selling water

Back in 2004, Glacéau offered the rapper a stake in VitaminWater, and boy did it pay off

Jesus ain’t got nothin’ on 50 Cent. The son of God might have turned water into wine, but 50 turned H20 into $100 million - which definitely trumps a few glasses of vino.

Back in 2004, Glacéau offered the rapper a stake in VitaminWater (a sweet, colourful water drink with added vitamins) and 50 went on to do ads and promos for the brand, even developing his own VitaminWater flavour.

But it wasn’t until Coca-Cola bought the company for billions in 2007 that 50 got a serious payout.

Back in 2004, Glacéau offered 50 Cent a stake in VitaminWater.

The Coca-Cola company scooped up Glacéau for an eye-watering $4.1 billion and 50 himself pocketed an estimated $100 million.

In fact, the hit-maker was so chuffed with his pay check that he rapped about it in his 2007 song 'I Get Money', saying: "I took quarter water sold it in bottles for 2 bucks, Coca-Cola came and bought it for billions, what the f**k?"

Last year, rapper Young Buck, who was once a member of G-Unit alongside 50, insisted the 'In Da Club' hit-maker had previously told G-Unit not to take the VitaminWater deal.

Speaking to DJ Vlad on VladTV, Buck said: “The Vitamin Water situation is one I remember coming through the pipelines and I remember me also coming to 50 saying 'Aye, yo. What about this?'"

He added: "He would pay attention to 'em. But if there wasn't no upfront money involved in the deals, then he wouldn't encourage us to do the deals.”

"He took the deal for him," Buck continued. "Whatever percentage he got out of that deal turned into what he was able to walk away from.

“Was there any resentment or upsetness from me? No. But, I did feel like this was no different from some of those other situations that have been brought to 50 from me—or even the other guys had other situations, where he just wasn't entertaining it if there wasn't any upfront money for us."

UNILAD has approached 50 Cent for comment.

It comes after 50 revealed how much he’s doled out in legal fees over the years.

In an interview with Brian J. Roberts, the star revealed his estimation for how much he's spent since Get Rich or Die Tryin' was released.

He said: "I spent over $23 million (£19 million) on legal fees since I’ve had success in 2003. Over $23 million in legal fees.” Sounds like that VitaminWater cash came in handy.

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