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Couple with 18 children say they're judged for having such a big family

Couple with 18 children say they're judged for having such a big family

A couple have spoken out after being criticised for 'overpopulating' the world with their 18 children.

A couple have spoken out after being criticised for 'overpopulating' the world with their 18 children.

Christopher and Desiree Hart-Spegal first met in 2013. Desiree had three children from a previous relationship and Christopher had eight, however, things didn't stop there.

The couple went on to have seven more children, taking their whopping total of mouths to feed and little ones to look after to a staggering 18.

While the pair are thrilled and have always wanted a big family, they have received backlash for their decision to have so many children. The Hart-Spegal's have since spoken out against such criticism.

A couple have spoken out to defend their decision to have 18 children.
Truly/ YouTube

Desiree explained some of the negative comments the family has received include people being 'upset that [the pair are] having more children and overpopulating the world'.

The mother responded: "That's one where we're like, 'Well, hold on a minute, we're not raising people with entitlement issues, we're raising people who are going to put into society and into the world and be more of an asset, you know, than a liability'."

Christopher also noted how some people presume such a big family must be 'chaos' which he called a 'huge misconception'.

"When people see a big family they think, 'Oh my god that must be so chaotic' or, 'Oh that must be so much work'. It is work obviously, but I think any home comes with work, so it's a matter of what order you put that work in and how efficient that machine runs," the father told Truly.

Another factor which is a big consideration for the family is the financial cost of raising 18 children.

Each week, Desiree buys 'four to five gallons of milk at a time' as well as a '24 pack' of eggs.

The cost of food adds up to 'between $250-$500 (£216.94 -£433.89) every shopping trip', according to the mum of 18.

What's more, Desiree makes shopping trips 'at least once a week if not more'.

Desiree revealed each shopping trip costs between $250-$500.
Truly/ YouTube

As autumn looms and the run up to Christmas begins, one can only imagine the sort of planning and organisation that goes into buying presents for 18 children.

Desiree joked that she would 'love to say it's fun, but it is work'.

Christopher also revealed the family drop as much as $10,000 during the festive season.

As well as the cost of 18 children comes the lack of alone time, with both parents joking if they did have a spare moment home alone the first thing they'd want to do is have a nap.

The couple defended their choice to have such a large family by arguing they hope to be 'raising world changers'.
Truly/ YouTube

However, despite the cost, organisation and work needed for a family of 18 children, Desiree noted what she 'loves most' about raising such a large family is the 'end goal'.

"We're moulding people so it's a huge responsibility," she said.

Christopher resolved: "Our hope is that we're raising world changers, people who are going to come in and show the same grace and mercy they were raised with, and make the world a better place."

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