Snoop Dogg Accidentally Live-Streams Himself In Silence For An Entire Hour


Snoop Dogg Accidentally Live-Streams Himself In Silence For An Entire HourDoggydogg20/Twitch

Snoop Dogg has been using Twitch increasingly, but his frequent streams playing Madden NFL have been silenced. 

Snoop has an incredible career as a musician, and now he’s managed to attract a lot of his fans over to his Twitch channel. Predominately, his streams consist of the rapper chatting, smoking weed and playing Madden NFL.


After starting a junior American Football league, many would expect Snoop to have plenty to say during his Madden games. However, the rapper has been muted for three different streams now.

Snoop recently moved into a new location for his streams and seems to have encountered some technical issues. In a stream earlier this week, it became clear he had muted himself on his end and seemingly not noticed. Equally, because the rapper has his chat function for fans disabled, he isn’t getting messages about the issue.

On the back of the first incident, many thought Snoop would address the issue before he streamed again. Nonetheless, the rapper stayed silent, and a Reddit post noted, ‘Snoop Dogg has now streamed without audio three times in the last four days.’


The post also sparked discussions about whether Snoop actually streams his gaming skills, or if it’s just a friend in the room. One person noted, ‘Reminds me of that one time he got paid to stream this early access survival br type game and used both hands to light a joint while his character was still moving around.’

The artist has yet to comment on the situation with the muting and whether he plays the games he showcases.

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