Rapper Boosie Badazz Pays Guy $500 So He Can Brutally Slap Him For Music Video


Rapper Boosie Badazz Pays Guy $500 So He Can Brutally Slap Him For Music VideoRapAllStars/Twitter

Boosie Badazz paid a random man $500 so he could slap him for his new music video – and you better believe he got his money’s worth.

Footage emerged on social media from Rap All-Stars and My Mixtapes of the One of Them Days Again artist shooting a video.


The rapper, real name Torrence Hatch, apparently offered $500 to a bystander so he could full-force slap them as part of the video’s narrative. Money talks, after all.

In the clip, the unnamed man stands at the counter next to Boosie and calls him a ‘punk-ass rapper who can’t even rap’, and asks, ‘How are you gonna tell me you’re a goddamn rapper?’

At this point, Boosie wallops him, sparking shocked reactions from the surrounding crew. In another clip filmed after the slap, the rapper says he’s giving him a ‘tip’ for taking it so well, and the guy appears to be smiling about the whole thing. In the end, he was paid a total of $554.


While amassing hundreds of thousands of views online, not all of the comments have been positive towards Boosie. ‘I know for a fact dude didn’t think it would be like that,’ one user wrote.

Another wrote, ‘Dude prolly thought he meant a lighthearted slap and got his whole face rearranged.’ A third commented, ‘Ah, the rich taking advantage of desperate people. The American way.’

A fourth tweeted, ‘Says a lot about how the rich see the poor, and how the poor see themselves. He bought a man’s pride for $564.00 and the man was eager to sell it.’


Others weren’t as critical, with one writing, ‘He made 500 for 10 seconds of work and some lil pain. It was worth it lmao.’ Another wrote, ‘Keep it a buck folks, that’s easy money. I’d even turn the other cheek for an extra hundy.’

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