Machine Gun Kelly Was An Answer On Jeopardy But Nobody Knew Who He Was


Machine Gun Kelly Was An Answer On Jeopardy But Nobody Knew Who He WasAlamy/CBS Media Ventures

Machine Gun Kelly came up in a question on Jeopardy – unfortunately for the contestants, nobody had a clue who he was. 

While seemingly obscure to some, MGK, real name Colson Baker, has been making headlines for years: his once-active beef with Eminem; his successful transition from rap to pop-punk; rankling Slipknot fans after tearing into the band for wearing ‘f*cking weird masks’; and most notably, his highly-publicised, widely-memed relationship with Megan Fox.


You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who’s active on social media and has never heard of the singer-songwriter. Unluckily, Jeopardy‘s latest participants couldn’t match his name to the face.

During the music category, host Ken Jennings put forward the following question: ‘The stage name of this rapper and actor gets shortened to MGK,’ as well as a photo of him.

It was met with tumbleweeds – even from Amy Schneider, the show’s highest-earning female contestant. ‘Not fans of Machine Gun Kelly, apparently,’ Jennings said.


MGK is popular, but with recent interviews and whatnot, he’s also become an easy punchline. ‘Because Machine Gun Kelly is literally a nobody sorry,’ one user reacted to the clip.

‘And this is what happens when you get completely bodied by Eminem,’ another wrote, referencing the rapper’s dig in Gospel. ‘His whole ass picture and still crickets,’ a third tweeted. ‘That’s how I know he’s buying all those kids choice awards he keeps getting,’ a fourth wrote.

For those who do know him, it’s worth noting that he doesn’t wish to be known as Machine Gun Kelly when it comes to his acting career, instead hoping to be recognised as Baker.


‘I think it’s more just out of respect for the art. If you’re looking at a Basquiat piece and you have feelings about him personally, is that fair to the art because of how you feel about him personally?’ he told The Hollywood Reporter.

Colson Baker, aka Machine Gun Kelly. (Alamy)Alamy

‘There is music and then there’s movies… I don’t feel like being Inception in a person. Like there’s a character inside of a character inside of a character inside of a character. I’d rather it just be me playing a character in one world and then me playing a character in another world,’ he added, insisting he’ll retain the MGK moniker with regards to his music.

‘That legacy has defined itself and solidified itself. I love my fans and I don’t want to make them choose,’ he said.


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    Why Colson Baker Ditched ‘Machine Gun Kelly’ Name for Acting: “I Don’t Feel Like Being ‘Inception’ in a Person”

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