Jesy Nelson’s ‘Blackfishing’ Row With Little Mix ‘Pure PR Spin’, Expert Says

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A public relations expert has claimed that the row occurring between Jesy Nelson and her Little Mix ex-bandmates over her ‘blackfishing’ is just a ‘pure PR spin’. 

Over the past weekend, it would appear that Perrie Edwards, Leigh-Anne Pinnock and Jade Thirwall all unfollowed Nelson, or that the solo artist blocked them, after she was accused of blackfishing in the video for her debut release as a solo artist, titled Boyz. 

However, despite Nicki Minaj defending Nelson in an Instagram Live, an expert has said that the apparent argument is simply being a publicity stunt, reminding people that in the music industry, sometimes there is ‘no such thing as bad publicity’.

Jesy Nelson 'Blackfishing' PR Stunt? London, UK. 8th Oct, 2021. Jesy Nelson pictured at the Global studios in Leicester Square, to support Global's Make Some Noise Charity Day. Picture date: Friday October 8, 2021. Photo credit should read Credit: Matt Crossick/Alamy Live NewsAlamy

After leaving Little Mix, after a ‘decade of unhappiness‘, Nelson has branched out as a solo artist, with her debut song even featuring the likes of Nicki Minaj.

Despite Minaj and Nelson discussing alleged messages from Pinnock accusing Nelson of blocking the rest of the group on social media and asking that a video was made about her ‘being a blackfish instead’, a PR expert has called the incident ‘incredibly well timed’, as per The Mirror

Kelly O’Hanlon, a senior lecturer in Public Relations and Media at Birmingham City University, noted how the employment of Minaj in the conversation added even more of a light to be shed on the issue, as the rapper is ‘known for being embroiled in controversies and for her provocative persona’.

She said:

A cynical person might suggest this was the plan all along; to seek out a social media storm in the hopes of raising the profile of Jesy’s new song.

And in that, they have succeeded – far more people are discussing this, watching the video and talking about it across social media than if everyone just played nice.

O’Hanlon also explained how much ‘people enjoy following the trail of tweets, posts and breaking news stories to piece together “what’s really going on”‘.

She noted how in PR, it is considered that ‘the worse thing than being talked about is not being talked about’. However, that is can be a ‘far more complicated issue’ when it becomes an argument between two different parties of celebs.

O’ Hanlon concluded how the ‘court of public opinion will always back the one they perceive to be most credible’, warning that while ‘Jesy gained some support through sharing her mental health issues […] Little Mix are an established united front’.

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    'Jesy Nelson's blackfishing row is pure PR spin - and there's evidence to prove it'

Poppy Bilderbeck
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