Guy Rewrites Bohemian Rhapsody With Quarantine-Themed Lyrics


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A comedian with an impressive knack for lyricism has lifted spirits – and no doubt voices – after rewriting Bohemian Rhapsody with a timely twist.

Dana Jay Bein, from Cambridge, Massachusetts, has cleverly revamped Queen’s progressive rock anthem for the age of coronavirus; swapping around lines to press the importance of hand washing and flattening the curve.


In all honesty, it’s still an absolute belter and – when it is safe to do so of course – could still be bellowed out in bars at the end of the night as enthusiastically as the original.


The song tells the tale of a ‘poor boy’ with ‘no job security’ who ends up inadvertently infecting and killing somebody by walking by them after refusing to stay at home in bed.

The song begins as follows:

Is this a sore throat?
Is this just allergies?
Caught in a lockdown
No escape from reality.
Don’t touch your eyes
Just hand sanitize quicklyyyyy
I’m just a poor boy, no job security
Because of easy spread, even though
washed your hands, laying low
I look out the window, the curve doesn’t look flatter to me, to me
mama, just killed a man
I didn’t stay inside in bed
I walked by him, now he’s dead
mama, life was so much fun
but now I’ve caught this unforgiving plague
mama, oooooh
didn’t mean to make them die
if I’m not back to work this time tomorrow
carry on, carry on as if people didn’t matter.

Guy Rewrites 'Bohemian Rhapsody' With Quarantine-Themed LyricsPA Images

The song continues:

too late, my time has come
sends shivers down my spine
body’s aching all the time
goodbye everybody, I’ve got the flu
gotta leave you all behind and face the truth
mama, oooooh
I don’t wanna die
I sometimes wish I never went out at all
I see a little silhouette of a man
what a douche, what a douche
did he even wash his hands though
security is tightening
very very frightening me
Gotta lay low (gotta lay low)
Gotta lay low (gotta lay low)
Gotta lay low masturbate
Masturbate O O O O
I’m just a poor boy, facing mortality
spare him his life from this monstrosity.


As well as offering a bit of much-needed light relief, this song also contains an important message and will hopefully force people to consider the consequences of their actions at this time.

It’s okay to not panic. LADbible and UNILAD’s aim with our coronavirus campaign, Cutting Through, is to provide our community with facts and stories from the people who are either qualified to comment or have experienced first-hand the situation we’re facing. For more information from the World Health Organization on coronavirus, click here.

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