Gangnam Style Banned In Some Gyms Due To COVID Concerns

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Gangnam Style Banned In Some Gyms Due To COVID Concernsofficialpsy/YouTube/PA

Gangnam Style has been banned in some gyms, not because it’s super annoying, but because of COVID concerns.

The 2013 song by Psy became a viral sensation, gracing the speakers of radios across the globe.

However, one place that won’t be playing it anymore is some gyms in Seoul, South Korea, despite the track having once been at number one on the country’s Gaon Chart.

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The country has officially prohibited gyms from playing songs with a tempo higher than 120 beats per minute in a bid to prevent people from breathing too fast and splashing sweat on other people, according to Twitter page Quite Interesting.

With this new rule in mind, it means Gangnam Style will no longer be able to be played while people work out as it reportedly has 132 beats per minute.

People on social media have since joked that the banning of the song is a silver lining of the pandemic. One person wrote, ‘Finally some good came out of the pandemic,’ while someone else said, ‘If this was all part of ‘The Big Plan,’ I’m all for it.’

Another person tweeted, ‘I sometimes feel bad and unaccomplished but then I realize there are people out there getting paid good money to make stupid decisions and then I only feel bad.’

Stupid decision or not, at least people won’t have to be subjected to listening to Gangnam Style for a while.

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Niamh Shackleton
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