Fans Defend Billie Eilish Over ‘Queerbaiting’ Claims

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Fans Defend Billie Eilish Over 'Queerbaiting' Claimsbillieeilish/Instagram

Fans of Billie Eilish have stepped in to defend the singer after she was accused of ‘queerbaiting’ in her latest music video.

The controversy stems from some people on social media claiming to be her fans, who viewed the video for Eilish’s new song Lost Cause, in which she dances at a sleepover with other girls, as being suggestive. Fans also pointed out that the singer captioned the video ‘i love girls,’ and immediately jumped to the conclusion that she was hinting at her sexuality.

Eilish herself has rarely talked about her private life, however she has frequently spoken out against the ‘double standard’ in the media when it comes to talking about female celebrities’ sexuality and identity.

Billie Eilish in the music video for Lost Cause (Billie Eilish/YouTube)Billie Eilish/YouTube

But despite Eilish vocally standing for allowing people to be themselves without labels, some of her fans have taken to social media to argue that the singer’s new video is ‘problematic,’ saying it is encouraging viewers to think she is gay, even though she’s currently understood to be in a heterosexual relationship.

‘Y’all is billie eilish actually bi or is she queerbaiting i’m so confused’ one user wrote on Twitter, while another posted ‘i love billie eilish but pls dont deny, that mv was straight up queerbaiting.’

The claims quickly began trending over the weekend, but they’ve received equally strong pushback on Twitter and TikTok, with many fans stepping in to point out that Eilish has never made any claims to be part of the LGBTQ+ community, and saying that by trying to force the singer to identify as either straight or LGBTQ+, fans are actually spreading reductive messages about sexuality.


One fan took to TikTok to vent her frustrations, saying ‘queerbaiting is pretending that you’re queer for clout. If Billie Eilish says that she’s straight, then she’s straight. She’s not trying to deceive anyone.’

She continued, ‘Sexuality is not like this rigid binary… stop forcing everything into boxes and pushing labels on everything.’

The fan went on to argue that by trying to force Eilish to define her sexuality, fans were actually reinforcing harmful and outdated notions of sexual identity, saying the ‘queerbaiting’ discussion ‘reinforces the idea first that you have to be anything, and second that you’re straight until proven otherwise.’

‘I’m so sick of these chronically online takes, like there are so many other things to be worrying about’ she concluded.

Eilish is one of a number of celebrities who have been accused of ‘queerbaiting,’ including Harry Styles and Ariana Grande.

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    Billie Eilish Fans Having Meltdown Over 'Queerbaiting' Accusations

Hannah Smith
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