Drake’s ‘Crazy’ Futuristic Toilet Revealed And It Looks Pretty Idiot-Proof

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Drake's 'Crazy' Futuristic Toilet Revealed And It Looks Pretty Idiot-ProofAlamy/YKOsiris/Instagram

Of all the things in Drake’s new $100 million pad, it’s the futuristic toilet that’s really got people talking.

From a woman having a chip implanted in her hand to open her house doors, to Kim Kardashian having a flat sink, what’s next? A transformer toilet? Apparently so, according to Drake.

I mean, if you’re going to spend $100 million (£75 million) on a custom-built house, then you may as well make even the loo look cool, right?

Check it out:


Who knew that you could ever need a tutorial of how to use a toilet, but in Drake’s house, you clearly do.

Fellow rapper YK Osiris took to Instagram to show fans exactly what Drake’s new Toronto house looked like, even giving them a demonstration of just how to use some of the facilities, Metro reports.

Who has time to lift a loo seat? Drake clearly doesn’t. Instead, at the press of a touchpad button, the lid unfolds itself and slides back to let you take a perch.

Taken by surprise Osiris commented: 

What the f*ck is this? […] This is crazy.

Drakes House - @ykosiris/ Instagram@ykosiris/ Instagram

It may be meant to make your life easier, but the loo baffled Osiris, who ended up flushing the toilet multiple times rather than closing the lid, after getting confused by the touchpad system.

The touchpad even seemed to have a button for Bluetooth. Why not spend your time on the loo as happy as you can be, listening to some One Dance as you do your business?

The rest of Drake’s property features equally fancy rooms, such as one entirely dedicated to his awards, glistening away in their glass cabinets, which Osiris called ‘f*cking greatness’.

Drakes House - @ykosiris/ Instagram@ykosiris/ Instagram

Moreover, within the property, which took two years to create, Drake spent $1 million on 20ft tall trees to line its perimeter, to stay safe but also ‘fit in with the neighbourhood’.

Drake currently lives alone in the $100,000,000 property, which he said is ‘bringing him a lot of balance, a lot of peace’ and ‘a lot of time to reflect’.

It may have been cheaper to just try some meditation, but hey, I guess 50,000 square feet will do.

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  1. Metro

    Drake’s futuristic toilet that needs a touchpad to operate at $100,000,000 mansion is next level rich

Poppy Bilderbeck
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