Adele Finally Releases New Song After Six Years And It’s Incredible

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Adele Easy On Me - Adele/YouTubeAdele/YouTube

From the winged eyeliner and flying music sheets, to the change from black and white to colour – and of course, the flawless, soulful and heart-wrenching vocals – Adele has done it again. 

If your breakup – like mine – has conveniently timed itself for Adele‘s latest release, then at least you have something to jump for joy about still. Rumour has it, if you can get through a whole song by Adele without crying, then you are free and can relate to the singer more than ever in her road trip to freedom and being easier on yourself.

The 33-year-old first sparked excitement for her latest hit with billboards popping up around the world, titled 30, teasing clips on her Instagram, and sending fans into a frenzy even further when she released a post on the platform to explain the meaning behind the lyrics.

I think it’s pretty fair to say that no one has been left disappointed after Easy On Me dropped earlier today, October 15.

Adele (Alamy)Alamy

From beginning to end, the music video is flawless. Not only is Adele’s eyeliner so on fleek that every time she glances in the car mirror you’re left like a deer in headlights, but from the phone conversation to the wholesome insight into filming the video at the end, you really are taken on the singer’s journey.

The video in itself is a piece of cinematic mastery, let alone when accompanied by the most soulful vocals, revealing all Adele’s conflicted emotions, from pain to self-acceptance to realising what road she needs to travel on.

Indeed, later packing her things, getting into her car and driving away, music sheets fluttering out behind her, conveying her releasing herself from her marriage and her shedding the ‘many layers’ she spoke of in her Instagram post. The singer moves on to a more ‘peaceful’ future with a better relationship with herself.

The music video, posted to YouTube, has already amassed 10,910,319 views after premiering just six hours ago and is the number two trending for music on the platform.

Fans all across the world have flooded to the post in complete awe of the singer, having predicted it would be a banger. One wrote: ‘After waiting five plus years, we got this masterpiece.’

A second said:

All the heartbroken kids out there let me tell you something. One day you’ll find someone you can’t live without, and hopefully they’ll reciprocate those feelings. If they don’t, it’s ok. Maybe it wasn’t the right time or they are not the right person. Your happiness can’t be based on someone else. Be happy with yourself and everything falls into place. I promise gets easier. Sending all of you love and light

A third commented: ‘The Queen has returned and her vocals are still majestic.’

While no one is surprised by just how hard-hitting Adele and her lyrics remain to be, this song truly transports you and gives you hope for the future.

If you needed a song to belt into the New Year, while making promises to be kinder to yourself and ideas on how to more healthily live your life, then this is it. Thank you, Adele.

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    Adele - Easy On Me (Official Video)

Poppy Bilderbeck
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