Woman’s Ridiculously Aesthetic Handwriting Is Mesmerising The Internet


Woman's Ridiculously Aesthetic Handwriting Is Mesmerising The InternetCharm/YouTube

This woman’s incredible handwriting is making all of us look bad. 

I would urge, journalists’ handwriting isn’t typically neat. When I scribble down notes during an interview or before reviewing a movie, they’re borderline illegible unless it’s me reading it back. Even when I attempt to write with a bit of precision and care, it still looks average at best.


Not Charm, a content creator who’s been mesmerising the internet with her ridiculously aesthetic handwriting; delicate, controlled and better than any calligraphy I’d be able to muster.


Charm has a number of videos on YouTube, showcasing her insane skills with a pen and teaching viewers how they can attempt to do the same. Hilariously, in her first video she shows the sort of writing she does if it’s just for her, described as a ‘chicken scratch’, which is still neater than most people’s handwriting. As one user wrote, ‘She’s an artist in handwriting.’

‘Fun fact: Her handwriting will always be 1mil times better than mine,’ another user commented. ‘Your handwriting is like a computer’s font – this is truly amazing and satisfying,’ a third wrote. ‘Her handwriting is like something that you see in The Diary of a Wimpy Kid,’ a fourth commented.

Her handwriting is incredible. (Charm/YouTube)Charm/YouTube

While its easy to draw comparisons to your own writing, it should be noted how helpful Charm’s videos have become. ‘Everyone’s saying how their handwriting is messy etc, but her videos actually helped me improve!! I’m actually super proud of my writing now, and once a supply teacher for maths said it looks printed which ill take as a compliment,’ one wrote.

Others have noted how crucial a top quality pen is to writing of this calibre. ‘The pen she’s using has a lot to do with the quality of her penmanship. I love it and want it,’ one wrote.

You can find out more about Charm’s handwriting here.


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