Woman Whose Jet Skiing Boyfriend Was Arrested Says He’s Her Hero


Woman Whose Jet Skiing Boyfriend Was Arrested Says He's Her HeroJessica Radcliffe/Facebook/Howard Quayle

Jessica Radcliffe, whose boyfriend was arrested for travelling four hours on a jet ski to see her during lockdown, has described him as her ‘hero’.

Dale McLaughlan, 28, was arrested after embarking on his epic journey from North Ayrshire in Scotland to the Isle of Man last Friday, December 11. Current coronavirus restrictions mean anyone who doesn’t live on the Isle of Man needs a permit to visit, but despite numerous attempts McLaughlan had been unable to secure the necessary documentation.


He took matters into his own hands by making the journey on the jet ski, but while his efforts were a great display of affection, police weren’t impressed. McLaughlan was ultimately jailed for four weeks as a result of his venture.

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Radcliffe spoke out about her boyfriend’s antics in an interview with the MailOnline, where she asked: ‘What man crosses the sea for a girl unless he was so besotted and completely in love?’

The mum-of-two described McLaughlan as ‘the best’, adding: ‘everyone is right behind him, especially me… my hero.’


McLaughlan is currently set to remain behind bars over Christmas, but Radcliffe is begging the authorities to set him free before the big day. She assured that he is coronavirus-free, despite the fact the pair broke coronavirus restrictions by attending two nightclubs following McLaughlan’s arrival on the island.

The smitten girlfriend commented:

I’m sure it will calm down. I had a man cross the Irish Sea for me on a jet ski. I don’t (think) one other women that can say that. He must really love me. My little legend.

Jessica RadcliffeJessica Radcliffe/Facebook

McLaughlan’s decision to cross the ocean on a jet ski sparked a major Coastguard search after he was spotted by a villager in a remote Scottish harbour when he set off last week.

McLaughlan claimed he just wanted to make sure his jet ski was working properly before he sold it, but the alarm was raised when he failed to return to his car.

Per the MailOnline, Coastguard teams feared he had drowned in the rough sea conditions and launched a search to find him. Little did they know he had just arrived on the Isle of Man, with only ten minutes’ worth of fuel left in the tank.

Dale McLaughlanDale McLaughlan/Facebook

Search teams were called off after they successfully managed to contact him on his mobile phone.

McLaughlan met Radcliffe after he was granted permission to work on the Isle of Man for four weeks. Evidently, nothing would stand in his way when his allotted time came to an end.

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