Woman Who Lost Memory After Freak Accident Remarries Her Husband


Woman Who Lost Memory After Freak Accident Remarries Her HusbandCTV News

A Canadian woman lost her memory after a freak accident at work. Two years later, she said yes to remarrying her husband. 

Three years ago, Laura Faganello’s shift went haywire when a pole landed directly on her head. The incident left her with more than a bump on her scalp, suffering a traumatic brain injury as a result.


Of course, the main takeaway is that the 23-year-old recovered. However, the injury had serious effects on her memory – so much so, she couldn’t remember getting married, or her husband Brayden. They’d only wed nine months prior to the incident.

Check out Laura and Brayden’s story below:

The couple, from Saanich, Vancouver Island, obviously had a hard time adjusting to their lives with her memories of their relationship lost to the ether.


Brayden, who pretty much felt like a stranger to his own wife, earlier told CTV News, ‘It was heartbreaking, trying to go from giggling and having a great time together, to she has no idea who I am and she’s scared when I say.. have a good day, I love you – just that phrase.’

While her husband struggled with Laura losing all memories of him, she also found it immensely difficult. ‘I felt very trapped, I felt my choice had been taken away from me,’ she explained.

CTV Brayden and LauraCTV News

Of all the moments made more difficult by not remembering their marriage, Laura said one was particularly difficult to get used to: ‘Waking up in my bed and I had no idea who he was.’


Brayden and Laura were pen pals before they eventually met, got together and later married. For the first two years after her injury, the pair continued to live together, albeit without the same level of romanticism or affection. They were more like roommates than partners.

Love Notes CTV NewsCTV News

However, Brayden kept up his efforts to remind Laura who he was. Despite her not remembering, he’d write ‘love notes’ for her. Fortunately, it led to the couple having a happy ending.

Laura explained, ‘I went to Brayden and I said I can’t be in a marriage that I don’t remember, but I want to remember you. I want to know you. So I asked him out on a date, and by the third hole we were flirting.’

Laura and Brayden CTVCTV News

Last year, on August 19, Brayden finally bucked up the courage to propose to Laura for the second time. Their dates clearly did the trick, because she said yes.

Laura continued, ‘We both knew that we should get married. We can’t explain it. We still can’t. But that just penetrated into both of our hearts.’

While there’s been no further update, the couple earlier said they planned to get married this year.


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    Saanich woman who forgot husband after traumatic head injury to remarry him next year

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