Woman Reveals Terrifying Reason Why You Shouldn’t Wear Headphones Walking Alone

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Woman Reveals Terrifying Reason Why You Shouldn't Wear Headphones Walking Alone@lyss/TikTok

An influencer has urged her followers not to wear headphones while walking alone, after experiencing a terrifying situation herself.

New York-based Alyssa, who goes by @lyss on TikTok and Instagram, took to TikTok to share her story and encourage viewers to heed her warning after finding herself in a precarious situation outside her own apartment building.

‘I have to make this video because it is so, so, so important, especially when you’re walking in a city like New York, do not wear your headphones while you’re walking somewhere, and if you’re by yourself, and you’re listening to your headphones and you can’t hear anything else going on around you, do not do that. I made the huge mistake of doing that yesterday,’ Alyssa said.


The influencer labelled her video with a trigger warning, before further explaining the ‘upsetting story that happened’ to her as she walked home.

Walking home just a few blocks from her apartment, Alyssa said she was listening to a video a friend had sent to her on Instagram. Having her headphones in, Alyssa says she couldn’t hear anything around her, and therefore didn’t notice the man who had started following her.

Fortunately, another woman had seen the man following her, though this passer-by struggled to get Alyssa’s attention because of the headphones she was wearing.

‘This woman actually chased after the guy that was following me, and me, and I couldn’t hear her and I couldn’t see him and I had no idea what was going on behind me because I was so zoned in on my phone,’ Alyssa said.

Woman Reveals Terrifying Reason Why You Shouldn't Wear Headphones Walking Alone (@lyss/TikTok)@lyss/TikTok

Alyssa said she only became aware of the situation once she was inside the lobby of her apartment building, saying, ‘The only reason I heard her was because she was excessively screaming ‘Lady! Lady!”

The unknown man had apparently followed Alyssa all the way into her building, and was
‘holding something in his pocket’. When she turned around, Alyssa says the man ran out of the building, and she was able to report what happened to the police, describing it as one of the ‘scariest things that’s ever happened to me’.

Alyssa told The Independent that, since the incident, ‘New York has not felt safe recently and many women feel the same way as me’.

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Charlie Cocksedge
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