Woman Creates Fake Male Assistant To Handle Difficult Customers


Woman Creates Fake Male Assistant To Handle Difficult Customersjandralee/TikTok

No one enjoys handling difficult customers, so this woman decided to make a fake assistant to deal with them.

Whether it’s an issue with the food or someone wanting to return something without the receipt, we’ll all be subject to difficult people at some point in our working lives.


In a bid to avoid this though, TikToker Jandra Sutton created a fake male assistant to have customers direct all their grievances to.

In the video shared on her TikTok account @jandralee, she uses a stitch of a fellow TikToker asking millennial females who have to write emails why they don’t have a male white alter ego yet.


Jandra then gives her followers a tip to take this advice ‘one step further’, especially for those who are a small business owner.


She explains:

If you’re a small business owner and want to take this advice one step further, I saw this trick on Twitter and I loved it. Basically you just create a Gmail alias for your “male assistant” – my assistant’s name is Matt, named such because he is not a doormat, unlike myself.

He handles any negotiations or difficult conversations that I don’t want to handle personally and he’s very good at his job.

Jandra has since been applauded for the clever idea, with many women saying they’re going to try it out for themselves.

One person joked, ‘My cat’s name is Remy and he’s about to start earning his keep,’ while someone else commented, ‘Oh shoot I’m hiring an assistant today!’

@jandralee##stitch with @general.caronobi Tell me you have email anxiety without telling me you have email anxiety. ##smallbusinesstips_ ##femaleentrepreneur ##fyp♬ original sound – Jandra Sutton

Another person dubbed the idea ‘both brilliant and depressing’, stating that women shouldn’t need to do this.

Meanwhile, someone else asked Jandra to give an example of when she’s used Matt. She replied, ‘I use it mostly when people are rude in follow-up emails or to tell my base prices to potential clients!’


Someone else said they used to do something similar but now no longer use the alias because they gained enough confidence to handle the tough situations themselves. They commented, ‘I used to do this but I stopped. I gained confidence from being “Matt” and now can exert the same energy as me.’

Jandra replied that she doesn’t use Matt that often anymore either for the same reason, and that she was ‘proud’ of both her and her fellow TikToker.

You go, girls.

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