Waitress Horrified After Man Leaves Vile Note Along With $1000 Tip


Waitress Horrified After Man Leaves Vile Note Along With $1000 Tipu/Zayyded/Reddit

A man gave a waitress a $1,000 tip, but also left a really creepy note.

The unnamed man, who referred to himself as ‘The Master’ on the horrific message, left the generous tip despite his food bill having only come to $128.


Most people would have been overjoyed at receiving such a tip, but the excitement was tarnished by the man’s written advances.

Creepy note left on receipt u/Zayyded/Reddit)u/Zayyded/Reddit

Two separate comments on the receipt left for the waitress read, ‘Beautiful nipples princess’, and ‘Call me’. The person also signed his name as, ‘The Master @ gentleman luxury’.

A picture of the receipt was shared on Reddit on a thread named ‘All Things Trashy!’, where people are encouraged to share ‘trashy stories, trashy glamour, all things fake, plastic, and downright trashy’.


The person who shared the picture simply captioned it, ‘Yikes.’

One person branded the note as ‘creepy’, but said they’d take the tip as a compliment. They wrote, ‘As creepy as this is, if it were me I’d be flattered. Compliment and a fat tip. Still not calling though.’

Meanwhile, another person said, ‘As a person who has worked in the service industry for years I can say there’s not an ounce in my body that would be upset by this.’

Redditor comment r/trashy/Reddit

Another person expressed their disdain writing, ‘I don’t understand how some people can have such little respect for their money… I mean, I get it if you’re born into it and just never had to work or worry about it.’

They continued, ‘Still, to waste it like that hoping this beautiful nipples princess to call you is just beyond pathetic. Even if she does call you, is it really worth it? Have some f*cking dignity.’

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