Twins Answer Burning Questions About The World’s Biggest Twin Fest


Twins Answer Burning Questions About The Worlds Biggest Twin Fest@twinfest/TikTok

A set of twins have taken to TikTok to answer the internet’s most burning questions about the world’s biggest twin festival.

The identical twins known on TikTok as @twinfest documented their time at Twins Days Festival, also known as Twinfest, in Twinsberg, Ohio.


The celebration occurs annually on the first weekend of August with ‘multiples of all ages and all types’ welcome to attend.

The pair have posted a series of TikTok videos on their account to answer all of their followers questions about the event.


They told followers how the twin days always have a theme and that this year it was the Roaring ‘Twinnies’. The twin festival also featured a parade for attendees in their themed outfits.

The twins answered questions that their followers had sent in. Informing their followers that fraternal twins can attend, that triplets and other multiples can also attend and that you can even attend the festival if you are not a twin.

The celebration also features lookalike contests, fair games, talent shows, a beer garden and much more, according to the twins’ TikTok.


However, the festival has a no media policy on the Friday, which is a day only for registered twins, including fraternal twins and other multiples. The rest of the weekend is when anyone can attend, including news crews and documentary crews, says one of the TikTok twins.

She added:

It’s not that big of a deal, it’s just that we’re literally being photographed and filmed all weekend, so it’s just one day where it’s just people who are twins and their families.


At the festival, twins can also participate in research projects where they receive compensation, such as cash, gift cards or free products for their time.

A follower asked the TikTok twins if they could still attend the festival if their twin had passed away. One of the TikTokers reassured fans that it was still ‘absolutely’ possible to attend, and that on the Saturday evening there is a lantern launch to honour any twins or multiples who have passed away.


The twin’s latest video shows followers how, at the festival, ‘the moves come out at the Bertram’.

The video shows twins and multiples taking to the dancefloor, with the caption reading: ‘Double the trouble, double the moves!’ Along with a random clip of a man casually dancing with a car door…

However, even if you’re not a twin and don’t have a car door, you can still get involved. While Friday is reserved for twins, multiples and their families only, the festival is open to the public on the Saturday and Sunday. So get it in your diary for next year.

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