TikToker Who Felt Like They Were Being Watched In Virginia Airbnb Discovers Hidden Room


TikToker Who Felt Like They Were Being Watched In Airbnb Discovers Hidden Roomhesobadass/TikTok

A TikTok user has issued a warning to Airbnb guests after they discovered a room hidden behind a vent in their accommodation. 

The TikToker, who goes by ‘Keezybadass’ on the platform, garnered thousands of views after uploading a video taken while he was staying in the rented Airbnb in Richmond, Virginia.


In the clip, Keezy explains that the people who owned the accommocation ‘thought [he] was gonna be female’, and that they were ‘really shocked’ when he arrived and they learned he was actually male.

Check out the video below:


Keezy went on to explain that during his stay he heard noises coming from the direction of a vent in the middle of the night while he was trying to sleep.

He added that he ‘felt like [he] was being watched,’ so the following morning he got up to investigate.

Keezy approached the vent and looked closely through the slats on its cover, which would usually separate a room from an air duct. However, it became apparent that rather than providing heat or air conditioning, the ‘vent’ actually disguised a hole into a room beyond.

Holding his camera up to the vent, the TikToker wrote: ‘A whole nother room hidden [sic]’.

TikToker finds room hidden behind vent@hesobadass/TikTok

Keezy didn’t make any further reference to the Airbnb owners thinking he would be female, though the fact he detailed their shock may indicate that he believes they were planning to spy on a female guest. Of course, there’s no evidence to say whether or not Keezy really was being watched in the night, but the discovery of the room is admittedly alarming.

As he shared the video online, the TikTok user urged viewers to ‘be careful out here!’

Airbnb has risen in popularity over recent years for providing alternative accommodation, with users able to offer out spare rooms, floors or entire homes to guests looking to visit their area.


The site has numerous security measures in place to protect customers, but there is always a risk that comes with entering someone else’s home – though hopefully hidden rooms are extremely few and far between.

TikToker finds room hidden behind vent@hesobadass/TikTok

Hundreds of TikTok users shared their thoughts after Keezy detailed his experience, with one questioning why people were still willing to stay in other people’s homes ‘after all these horror stories with cameras and people hiding inside’.

Responding to Keezy’s video, they added: ‘y’all are brave.’


Thankfully, Keezy appeared to have made it through the night in his Airbnb unscathed, leaving him with an interesting, albeit creepy, story to tell.

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