The World’s Drunkest Countries Have Been Revealed


The World's Drunkest Countries Have Been RevealedAlamy

A survey involving residents from 22 countries has revealed which nationality spends the most time drunk.

Though every country has its own cultures, traditions, food and music, alcohol is often a common denominator.


Millions of us enjoy indulging in a glass of wine or beer in an evening, and details of our drug and alcohol consumption formed the focus for the Global Drug Survey, which asked 32,000 people from 22 countries about their intake.

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While Britain might be famed for its pub culture, it wasn’t to be found at the top of the list.

Instead, Australia proved to be the ‘drunkest’ country, with the survey revealing Australians spent more time intoxicated than any other nationality in 2020, drinking to the point of feeling drunk an average of 27 times in the 12-month period.


The results were almost double the global average of 15 times, The Independent reports, and the Australians involved in the poll also reported drinking twice a week on average and becoming heavily intoxicated once a fortnight.

Plus, as I’m sure so many of us can relate to, a quarter of the Aussie respondents admitted to having experienced ‘regret’ for getting drunk.

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Following Australia in the list of the drunkest countries were Denmark, Finland and the US, ahead of the UK which rounded out the top five.


Other countries that made the top 10 include Canada, Ireland, France, Sweden and the Netherlands, respectively. Interestingly, residents in France proved to be the most frequent drinkers, consuming alcohol three times a week on average, however they only reported feeling drunk an average of 18 times throughout the year.

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