Terrifying Moment Man Sent Flying Back And Forth On 100-Foot Palm Tree



Terrifying footage shows a tree surgeon clinging for dear life to a palm tree which catapulted through the air while he was working on it. 

The arborist, who has not been identified, climbed the 100-foot palm tree in San Bernadino, California to cut off the top, which was causing the trunk to bend dramatically due to its heavy weight.


Footage taken by an onlooker showed the tree surgeon shimmying himself towards the top of the tree and settling into position before using a chainsaw to hack through the trunk.

Take a look at what happened when he cut off the top:


As soon as the heavy leaves dropped to the ground, the tree trunk catapulted backwards with the arborist still clinging on, 100 feet from the ground. He could be seen wrapping his arms and legs around the trunk as it swayed forcefully, causing his tools to swing from where they were attached to his body.


The worker continued to hold tight for more than two minutes as the tree swayed, before it gradually became less dramatic and he was able to start making his way down.

The person behind the camera said the tree surgeon had to cut the tree because its crooked position was ‘causing danger to people who lived nearby’ and those who passed through the area.

Tree surgeon catapulted through the air after cutting palm treeViralHog

The arborist was likened to a ‘cowboy’ for the way he clung to the swaying tree, and it’s true that any Bucking Bronco experience he might have had would have probably come in handy with the palm tree’s jarring movements – though Bucking Broncos are typically surrounded by a padded floor, and not a 100-foot drop.


Rather than using cherry pickers or ladders, it’s common for tree surgeons to use climbing equipment like ropes and harnesses to maneuver themselves into position to cut down large trees.

I imagine the tree surgeon in this particular scenario regretted not cutting the tree from the safety of a cherry picker, but his experience certainly made for a good story, and a very impressive video.

Tree surgeon catapulted through the air after cutting palm treeViralHog

The footage has been viewed thousands of time since being shared online, and impressed viewers have complimented the worker for his action movie-worthy stunt.


One person wrote:

This man literally continued doing his job like if he just wasn’t almost catapulted to mars.

Another commented:

You sir are insane but wayyyyyyy cooler than anyone I’ve ever seen lol


I think it’s safe to say the tree surgeon earned himself a drink after that job; here’s hoping he doesn’t have to work on any other catapulting trees any time soon.

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