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Terrified Man Films ‘Haunted’ Dolls Moving By Themselves In Glass Cabinet

Emily Brown

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Terrified Man Films ‘Haunted’ Dolls Moving By Themselves In Glass CabinetKennedy News and Media

An American man was left terrified after spotting his wife’s collection of porcelain dolls moving by themselves in a glass cabinet. 

No, this isn’t the synopsis of a new, low-budget horror film, but rather the experiences of business owner Chad Gassert, who claims to have seen the dolls moving while alone in his home in Hamilton, Ohio.


Chad’s wife, Victoria, put her dolls on display in a glass cabinet in the living room, but it would appear they’re getting quite restless as Chad says he’s spotted them moving on two different occasions.

Take a look for yourelf:


His first paranormal experience happened in January, when he spotted the dolls shifting position from across the room and quickly got out his camera in an attempt to capture the freaky scene.


Chad commented:

I’ve gotta be f*cking tripping right now. This motherf*cker just f*cking moved, dude. I’ve gotta be f*cking tripping.

We f*cking outta here. Nope.

Doll swivels on shelf as man filmsKennedy News and Media

As he spoke, one of the dolls swiveled around on its shelf before coming to a stop with the noise of a chink on the glass.


The second occurrence took place earlier this month, when Chad once again started filming after seeing the dolls moving, apparently of their own accord.

He stressed that he was the only person home at the time, saying: ‘my wife is gone’.

Man who spotted dolls moving by themselvesKennedy News and Media

The smallest of the dolls – different to the one Chad first saw moving – appeared to fall to the side and stretch its leg out as it leaned on the side of the cabinet.


Chad said:

I don’t know. It keeps moving. It constantly – it keeps on moving, dude.

Chad later saw clothes from a pile of washing on the sofa fall to the ground, despite nobody being near them. That occurrence is probably more easily explained, however, with the concept of gravity.

Clothes fall to floor as man films 'haunted' dollsKennedy News and Media

Chad admitted the dolls’ freaky behaviour led him to hide in the bedroom, where he waited, staring at the door, in case the dolls came to find him.

He explained:

I’m still a little shook. I went to my bedroom and was looking at the door, waiting for that motherf*cker to bust through it.

This is the second time this [has] happened now. Last time was just the doll [that moved]. And now a completely different doll is moving and clothes just fall off the couch.

It only happens when I’m here by myself.

Doll falls to the side as man filmsKennedy News and Media

Of course, Chad could easily be having us all on, having got bored around the house and deciding to come up with a mass prank.

The dolls could be attached to some sort of invisible wire or magnet, though the glass cabinet doesn’t appear to have any cracks through which the movement could be operated, and Chad has since insisted there is no string attached.

Dolls appear to move by themselvesKennedy News and Media

Chad shared his experiences online, where viewers agreed it was extremely creepy. Many advised him to get rid of the dolls, with some recommending he burn them to make sure any lingering ‘energy’ would be destroyed.

It’s unclear what Victoria makes of the seemingly haunted ornaments, but if I were them I wouldn’t want to risk finding out what moves the dolls plan on making next.

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Emily Brown
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