Tattoo Artist ‘Feels Good’ Making People Dizzy With Her Double-Vision Ink


Tattoo Artist 'Feels Good' Making People Dizzy With Her Double-Vision Inkyatzil_tatts/Instagram

A tattoo artist in Mexico has admitted she enjoys making people dizzy with her incredible tattoos that mimic double-vision. 

Yatzil Elizalde, 25, started her career as a visual artist, mainly focusing on illustrations, murals and digital work before moving on to tattoos. She has worked as a tattoo artist for six years, and now owns her own shop, White Light, in Hermosillo.


After moving from digital and 2D canvases, Elizalde enjoyed being able to ‘finally… tattoo a human body with the style that always defined [her].’

The artist specialises in pieces that use intricate, fine lines to draw the same image two or three times, slightly offset from each other. The technique creates a ‘double-vision’ effect, meaning the viewer has to squint to be able to clearly see the image depicted.

Elizalde calls it the ‘Blurry Effect’, and told Insider the tattoos mimic the way she sometimes sees things herself.


She explained:

It’s going to sound weird, but there are some times in my life when I see things that way – ‘dizzy’.

Elizalde has perfected the process of sketching her trippy designs free hand, though it might seem an impossible task, given most people are likely to get a headache just looking at the pictures, never mind having to focus while drawing them.


However, the 25-year-old has said she no longer gets dizzy while coming up with her creations, and instead just looks forward to the thought of making other people feel that way.

She commented:

[I love] imagining that people can get the feeling that their sight is getting blurry when they look at my tattoos. I feel good that people can experience this through my art.


Elizalde believes her pieces succeed in ‘accomplishing the visual effect’ of optical illusions.

To date, she has completed around 40 of her double-vision tattoos, inking amazing versions of portraits, Disney characters, famous works of art and even memes.

Check out this blurry SpongeBob Squarepants:


The cost of Elizadle’s pieces depends on the size, design and location of the tattoo, though her hourly rate is usually between $250 to $350 (£205 to £290).

The artist has racked up thousands of followers on both her personal and White Light Instagram accounts, where fans have praised her work as ‘amazing’, ‘awesome’ and ‘perfect’.

One follower joked:

Catch me looking at this drunk and it being not blurry.

Another wrote:

I need a blurry tat!!!

Elizadle’s tattoos aren’t limited to her signature blurry ones, though they’re definitely the most unique.

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    An artist in Mexico specializes in double-vision tattoos that are basically optical illusions

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