SWAT Team Raids Woman’s Apartment Complex After She Sleeps Through Warning Call

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SWAT Team Raids Woman's Apartment Complex After She Sleeps Through Warning Callchynnahall/TikTok

A woman has shared her experience of waking up with a SWAT team outside her apartment complex after sleeping through a warning call.

Armed police officers gathered outside the complex in Evansville, Indiana yesterday, April 2, following an early morning shooting nearby.

The suspected shooter had then taken refuge inside one of the apartments in the complex, but police were unable to gain access as they did not have a warrant.

In a video posted to TikTok Chynna Hall, who lives in apartment ‘C10’ shared footage of armed police officers outside the building.

An officer on a loudspeaker is heard saying: ‘This is the Evansville Police department. All occupants of apartment C9 come outside with your hands up

‘I’m apartment c10. I have no idea what’s going on,’ she says in the video, adding that she woke up to a voicemail from 911 saying she needs to evacuate.

‘I missed it because I sleep like the dead, called back and they were like “yeah, no, don’t leave your apartment, please stay inside”,’ she says.

Hall says she had been occasionally peeking through her blinds to get a look at the situation outside but stopped shortly after seeing a sniper.

The TikToker also decided to get changed in case of an emergency evacuation.

‘I have decided to change my shirt to prove to [the police] that I am not a threat, I’m just autistic,’ she says, proudly showing off a shirt which reads: ‘Be a nice human.’

As expected, TikTok users were extremely concerned by the police presence outside her home. In an update posted a few hours later, Hall said she has very high anxiety, but everything is okay.

She explained that the suspected shooter knows her neighbour, and had come to the complex to hide out for a few hours.

‘So that’s what was going on, the cops were trying to find a murderer. Next door,’ she says.

‘What was taking them so long was because it took them hours to get a warrant to search the apartment where he had stashed the guns, so that’s what all the extra people and guns were about,’ she said.

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