Restaurant Worker Claims Boss Told Her To ‘Sit Ugly People In The Back’

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Restaurant Worker Claims Boss Told Her To 'Sit Ugly People In The Back'@brookschofield1/TikTok/@brookschofield/Instagram

People have been left with a ‘new insecurity unlocked’ after a Los Angeles restaurant worker alleged her boss told her to ‘sit ugly people at the back’. 

Have you ever really wanted a premium spot in a restaurant or bar – maybe it’s the sought-after window booth or the comfy sofa area – and no matter how many times you go, you seem to get plumped somewhere a bit naff? As you sit, sometimes crammed with others, you see the ‘elite’ customers dining in luxury.

Firstly, it’s not because you’re ugly; it’s almost always bad luck. Secondly, if anywhere does exercise a policy where ‘ugly people’ get punted out of sight, they don’t deserve your cash.

A restaurant worker assured this isn't normal practice for a maître d. (Alamy)Alamy

Brooke Schofield (@brookeschofield1) has attracted more than one million views on her latest TikTok, which carries the shocking allegation against her boss – for obvious reasons, they’ve remained unnamed, as has her place of work.

She doesn’t speak in the clip, rather it’s captioned ‘when my boss at my restaurant job told me I had to seat ‘ugly’ people in the back’ while Louis Armstrong’s What a Wonderful World plays, only right at the end, it changes to ‘what the f*ck’.

Among the comments, one user wrote, ‘I am not emotionally stable enough to receive this news.’ Another wrote, ‘No bc this may be a new insecurity unlocked.’ A third commented, ”I’ve been seeing so many TikToks about the toxicity of LA, y’all okay there?’

Fortunately, a fellow restaurant worker put viewers’ minds at ease. ‘This isn’t a thing so don’t worry guys. Usually we seat people by sections based on rotation or what the server can handle.’

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    LA is such an interesting place

Cameron Frew
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