Qantas Airline Launches Seven-Hour Flights To Nowhere For Nearly $4,000


Airline Launches Seven-Hour Flights To Nowhere For Nearly $4,000Royal Brunei Airlines/Universal Pictures

The worst parts about holidays are the stressful airport trips and the small fortune you have to pay to go on them.

Despite this, Australian airline Qantas is offering people the same experience but without the actual, fun holiday part.


The airline has created a seven-hour flight to nowhere, and it sounds like a great way to waste $3,787 AUD. Adding to the insanity, the 134 tickets that were available sold out in just ten minutes.

Qantas planePA

But why is Qantas offering this and why are people taking them up on the ludicrous offer? Well, the airline is promising optimal views of iconic Australian landmarks during the seven-hour flight that loops around the most scenic parts of the country.

The flight will take in Queensland, the Northern Territory and New South Wales including the Great Barrier Reef, Uluru, Kata Tjuta, Byron Bay and Sydney Harbour.


The description for the flight reads:

Depart from Sydney and fly up the New South Wales coast before crossing the Queensland border for a flyby of the Gold Coast and then up the Queensland coast to the Great Barrier Reef. The aircraft will then track across Australia to do low level flybys of Uluru and Kata Tjuta before heading back to Sydney for a late afternoon flyover of Sydney Harbour and Bondi Beach.

Note: the flight path is subject to change due to weather conditions on the day and there may be an alternative flight path which may not take in all these sights.

Prior to being sold out, there were six business class tickets available, 24 premium economy and 104 economy tickets. Economy was priced at $787 AUD (£443.59) compared to premium economy being $1,787 AUD (£1,007.24) each. Meanwhile, an exclusive business ticket will have set you back $3,787 AUD (£2,134.54). I wouldn’t pay that for a week’s all inclusive holiday in Greece, never mind a seven hour flight to literally nowhere.


I’m not the only one to think it’s a bonkers idea, the good people of the internet do too, with many pointing out the harmful – and ultimately pointless – environmental effects the unnecessary flight will undoubtedly have.

One person said:

1) flying is the single worst thing you can do, to harm the environment. 2) this is beyond insipid and these people need to try reading a book?!?!?!?


Another person pointed out, ‘So people are paying to do the one part of a trip that people would pay *not* to do…’, while someone else joked, ‘People just want to feel like they’re leaving earth at this point.’

Another Twitter user made a valid point, saying: ‘How does this make sense? All the bad for the environment with none of the benefits of getting somewhere.’

If you looked up ‘pointless’ in the dictionary, this flight would be in there as a prime example.

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