Pregnant Woman Terrified After Spotting Shadowy Figure In Her Room

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Pregnant Woman Terrified After Spotting Shadowy Figure In Her Roommalakaijamess/Reddit

Picture the scene: you’re lying in bed home alone, peacefully filming your baby bump – oh, I forgot to mention you’re pregnant – when all of a sudden you notice a shadowy figure standing in the room with you.

It’s only there for a moment, and seconds later you’re left wondering if you imagined the whole thing, but the footage on your phone tells you otherwise: somebody – or something – was definitely there.

Spooky, right? Well, that’s exactly what happened to one unsuspecting woman recently, as she tried to film her moving baby bump, only to see the supernatural-looking thing popping up from the foot of her bed.

The sister of the pregnant woman in question shared the creepy footage on social media, alongside a caption asking everybody what their thoughts on the matter were.

The Reddit user explained how the Snapchat caption posted on top of the video, ‘My heart is actually breaking,’ referred to her sister’s kitten that can faintly be heard in the background. ‘She thought her kitty was crying because his companion had just had to be put down,’ she wrote.

At eight months pregnant when the video was taken earlier this month, the woman said her sister had simply wanted to capture her stomach moving when she felt her unborn baby kick. However, she soon got more than she bargained for.

pregnant woman spots shadow figuremalakaijamess/Reddit

So what exactly happened? Well, as the Reddit user explained in the comments posted beneath the video, her sister had been house-sitting in an ‘extremely old house’ in Chincoteague, Virginia, as she and her boyfriend waited for the closing on the house they had just bought.

Describing her as ‘super pregnant’, she said her sister had been so focused on her baby bump while filming that she didn’t even notice the shadowy figure until she watched the video back.

Thinking she just had her crying cat for company, the woman received a shock when she noticed the figure appearing at the foot of the bed towards the end of the short clip.

And while this was the first time she witnessed anything like this in the house, she did reportedly tell her sister the house felt ‘heavy’ and like ‘someone was watching her’ the whole time she was there.

woman spots shadow figuremalakaijamess/Reddit

The Reddit user dismissed the idea that the figure could be another child, saying her sister doesn’t have any other children and was alone when the incident happened.

However, she did seem to be on board with one user’s suggestion that it could be the ‘other kitty’ that had just been put down. ‘That’s a thought,’ she replied. ‘The kitty she just had to put down was all black so maybe?’

Many of those commenting beneath the video appeared to be taken aback by the Snapchat footage, admitting they got ‘really bad vibes’ from the video and were left struggling to sleep.

So what do you guys reckon? Was the figure something supernatural or can it be easily explained?

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