Poundland Removes Ouija Boards From Sale Because They Are ‘Satanic’


Poundland Removes Ouija Boards From Sale Because They Are 'Satanic'Waner Bros./PA

The occult lives at Poundland, and people aren’t happy about it; the store has removed Ouija boards from its shelves after people claimed they’re ‘satanic’. 

Ouija boards are a method of communicating with spirits, in which a glass or wooden pointer moves around letters, numbers and phrases like ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.


As part of this year’s Halloween season, the British chain sold its own £1 ‘Spirit Boards,’ which flew off store shelves. However, following perilous warnings and condemnations from paranormal and religious experts, they’ve been removed from the four stores known to be selling them in Northern Ireland.

Poundland Spirit BoardsPoundland

It’s currently unclear whether they’re available across the rest of the UK, although they’ve disappeared from Poundland’s website. A spokesperson for the store told Metro: ‘We had a message from the spirits to make the handful that were left vanish.’

The move was welcomed by Rev. David McIlveen, a Free Presbyterian minister, who explained to News Letter: ‘The young person doesn’t control the board, the board controls them and that is frightening in every sense of the word.’


He added: ‘I think they are an introduction to a world that is very satanic and takes control of a person’s mind, and once the mind is taken control of then it takes control of actions as well. That is something that I fear is a great challenge to parents and to young people, especially at a time when there are many psychological issues confronting people at the moment, like COVID-19.’

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Carla Rainey, from Paranormal Investigators Northern Ireland, urged: ‘They may look harmless to someone who doesn’t know anything about the paranormal, these boards can open up the spiritual realm and allow a dark passage of malevolent spirits to come forward, this in effect can cause serious mental issues if not dealt with promptly.’

Paul Marsters, from True Paranormal Events UK, also told Metro that he was ‘profoundly shocked and just fuming really’ to see Oujia board equivalents being punted as a fun Halloween gimmick.


He explained: 

It does not matter if they are plastic or wood, if the planchette spells the word ‘Zeus’ it is a demon trying to come through and you should not even say the name, never mind continuing to communicate with it.

All hell could break loose if the demon attached itself to anyone and follow them around. Nasty spirits can scratch and attack people and should not be messed with as people could get seriously hurt.

Whether or not you believe in ghosts, before you decide to indulge in some creepy ‘fun’ with a Ouija board, let me ask you: is it really worth the risk? In the words of Leonardo DiCaprio: ‘Absolutely f*cking not.’


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    Poundland removes Ouija boards after they are condemned as ‘satanic’

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