Post Malone Claims He’s Seen Aliens And UFOs More Than Once


Post Malone Claims He's Seen Aliens And UFOs More Than OncePA Images/Pixabay

Many people have experienced strange and unusual instances in their lives, happenings that can’t quite be explained away with reasoning, or proven to be otherworldly.

However, rapper Post Malone appears to be quite certain about having experienced multiple alien sightings during his own time on our home planet, opening up about his mysterious visitors on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast.


The 25-year-old singer-songwriter, rapper and record producer reportedly first clocked a UFO in upstate New York when he was just 16 years old; an unusual occurrence in anyone’s life. However, it wasn’t to be the last.

You can watch the episode for yourself below:

Thinking back to that first fateful evening, Post recalled seeing a strange light through a window whilst at the home of his aunt and uncle, a light which suddenly – inexplicably – vanished:


I’ve seen one. I was probably 16. I was in upstate New York and it would just stay there. Let me precursor this: My aunt and uncle were very strict, and we had to go to bed at a very strict deadline, probably 10.00pm.

I was looking out the window with my cousin and it’s just a light that just stays there and then just f*ckin’ goes off…I mean, you can’t explain it.

When quizzed about how strong this peculiar memory actually was, Posty clarified that it was ‘medium, but I mean there’s something there’.

The singer then went on to assert that he has witnessed multiple instances of extra terrestrial activity in the years since that evening, in Southern California and Utah.

Post MalonePA Images

During his time living in Tarzana, Posty apparently spotted what appeared to be a ‘classic forcefield’:

Whenever you think of a forcefield and kinds goes like this and it kind of like this, like a dome in a circular shape… In Tarzana, looking down at the f*cking city. And I’m like, ‘How did no one else see this?’ But I was there with like f*ckin’ four other people, and they saw it too.

Post and Rogan went on to chat about recent reports that the Pentagon has discovered ‘off-world vehicles not made on this Earth’.

According to The New York Times, the US government’s search for UFOs remains ongoing, as part of a program called the Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Task Force (UAPTF). This is despite previous reports that such a force had ceased to exist.


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