People Are Getting Secret Tattoos On The Roof Of Their Mouth

Emily Brown


People Are Getting Secret Tattoos On The Roof Of Their MouthJam Press

Some tattoos just aren’t meant to be seen by the wider world, so in an effort to keep their ink secret people have started getting them on the roof of their mouths. 

Depending on their placement, hiding tattoos isn’t that difficult. Ink can easily be covered by strategic hair placement, clothes, or even a plaster if you’re in need of a short-term cover-up, so keeping your boss or your parents in the dark about any questionable tattoos doesn’t take much effort.

However, things can get trickier if you don’t want anyone at all to know about the ink, whether it’s because it’s controversial, not-safe-for-work, a guilty pleasure or a drunken mistake, and it can be embarrassing when you find yourself showing off more skin than usual.

See how some people get around the issue below:


In order to make sure tattoos are only seen when intended, Matteo Masini, from Florence, Italy, inks them on the roof of the mouth. From genitals, breasts, aliens and middle fingers, the 25-year-old tattoo artist has seen it all.

Matteo recalled one occasion on which his friend asked him to ink a penis inside her mouth to cleverly match a white tattoo on her chin.

Tattoo artist does pieces inside people's mouthsJam Press

He said:

She saw one of the first tattoos I’ve done inside someone’s mouth and she told me ‘Hey Mat, I want a c*ck in my mouth. And I told her, ‘Let’s do it!’

I was so happy. She wanted to do it just for fun.

She was so happy, mostly because the d*ck matched the white tattoo on her chin perfectly!

Tattoo of penis inside someone's mouthJam Press

Matteo has completed 10 tattoos in the mouth throughout his six years working as a tattoo artist, and though the needle goes right into the gums he has insisted it’s not as painful as you might expect.

He explained:

I take a maximum of about 20 minutes to complete one but it depends on the subject and the kind of mouth.

Everyone thinks that it hurts, which is imaginable. It’s not very painful. I tried tattooing my gums, which is the same sort of surface and it doesn’t hurt for me.

Smiley face tattoo inside someone's mouthJam Press

One customer asked Matteo to ink an anarchist symbol inside his mouth, but when the tattoo artist told him there wasn’t enough space he opted for a drawing of breasts, instead.

The artist says he gets a lot of requests for mouth tattoos, and stressed he would ‘love to do more’ because they’re so ‘beautiful and strange’.

Alien tattoo inside two people's mouthsJam Press

The best part about the ink is that hardly anyone knows it’s there, because it’s not often people go around showing off the roof of their mouth. I say ‘hardly anyone’, because Matteo pointed out: ‘No one will ever see it, except the dentist.’

While they might make check-ups a bit awkward, Matteo’s tattoos are certainly unique!

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Emily Brown
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