People Are Buying Candles Scented ‘Like Workplace Discrimination’

Julia Banim


People Are Buying Candles Scented 'Like Workplace Discrimination'Alamy

With the long, cold autumnal nights fast drawing in, many of us will no doubt be on the look out for some nice scented candles to add a little extra cosy glow.

I myself tend to opt for woodland undertones, or maybe a spiced pumpkin vibe at this time of year. However, if you like a candle that sends out a strong message, why not pair your love of good-enough-to-eat scents with a push for positive change within the workplace?

A shocking 85% of CEOs are white men, with workplace discrimination and lack of diversity still a very pressing concern. With this in mind, Lightning Travel Recruitment has paired with Flaming Crap and SEO Travel to produce a very topical candle indeed.

The vanilla-scented ‘85% Of CEOs Are White Men’ candle is intended to smell like the blandness of discrimination, reflecting the feel of a workplace without a diverse range of talent on bored.

The £14.99 candle set includes an educational booklet filled with information about current diversity issues within the workplace, complete with a glossary of terms, and a variety of recommended resources.

With a burn time of approximately 30 hours, this unique candle is crafted from recycled materials and vegan soy wax, making this a planet-friendly gift for the environmentally conscious friend in your life. With labels made from recycled paper, the candle tins are also recyclable.

Best of all, all profits will go to Moonlight Experiences, an LGBTQ+ organisation ‘dedicated to the celebration of queer culture through tourism and nightlife’.

As reported by the Metro, Lightning Travel Recruitment founder Chris King explained that the purpose of the candle is to ‘call out the bulls**t that we see on a daily basis in the travel industry’.

King continued:

The quotes that we’ve used in the booklet, such as ‘we just struggle to find diverse talent’, might seem sensationalist, but they are actually ones that myself and many other marginalised groups will have heard first-hand from senior leaders within the industry.

It feels like the travel industry is almost proud of the fact that it is elite and glamourises itself to make up for its internal shortcomings. Instead, we should be normalising the industry, educating ourselves, and investing in people based on their capabilities and irrespectively of their gender, race or sexuality.

Right now, the majority of the travel industry just reflects one type of person. It is not even inviting diverse talent to the party, let alone asking these people to dance.

You can buy a ‘85% Of CEOs Are White Men’ candle for yourself here

If you have been affected by any of the issues in this article and wish to speak to someone in confidence, contact Stop Hate UK by visiting their website

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  1. Metro

    You can buy a candle that ‘smells like workplace discrimination’ and calls out white male CEOs

Julia Banim
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