Parents Reunited With Son 38 Years After He Was Abducted From Home


Parents Reunited With Son 38 Years After He Was Abducted From HomeAnkang Daily/WeChat

Emotional footage from China has emerged that shows the moment a long-lost son was reunited with his elderly parents after nearly four decades apart.

The 70-year-old couple, from the northwestern province of Shaanxi, had spent the last 38 years praying for their child, nicknamed Jin Shui, to return to them after he was snatched from their home in 1982 when he was just two years old.


Police were finally able to track down the son, now a 40-year-old man known as Li Guolin, using a national DNA database.

You can watch the reunion here:


On the day of Jin Shui’s disappearance, father of the family, Su Bingde, had headed out to visit a relative. Believing he would return home that same night, he didn’t lock the house behind him as he left, with his wife and two children staying at home.


However, Mr Su didn’t end up returning that evening, according to MailOnline, with mother Huang Renxiu,tucking the kids into bed by herself.

Their nightmare began in the early hours of the morning, when Ms Huang was awoken up by her daughter who needed to use the toilet. It was then, to her horror, that she realised her two-year-old boy was no longer sleeping soundly beside her. He had been taken from them.

reunionAnkang Daily/WeChat

For the next decade, the family searched tirelessly for their son, with Mr Su travelling to other towns and cities to look for any clues. He mostly travelled on foot to save money, sometimes walking for hours without stopping, but to no avail.


Local police officers were also unable to solve the abduction case, hampered by the remote location and limited information.

Speaking with reporters last year, Mr Su revealed he had spent the last few years saving up for his own funeral:

I don’t want to trouble the family. I’ve sorted it out myself. My one last wish is to see my son Jin Shui once again.

Ankang Daily/WeChat

Finally, Mr Su’s wish was answered after police informed the family their son had been located after finding a DNA match in a national database.

The son, Mr Li, now has his own family, and lives in Hebei province with his wife and two sons, 1,104 kilometres (686 miles) away from his parents’ home.

Mr Su said:

I had waited for this day for 38 years. I didn’t think I would also meet my grandsons.


The family finally reunited on September 17, after almost four decades, with footage showing them crying and hugging each other.

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    Emotional moment elderly parents are reunited with their 40-year-old son after he was abducted as a toddler nearly four decades ago

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