OnlyFans Model Who Quit Investment Banking Says She Makes More Money Now


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Yvonne Bar opted out of the ‘Wolf of Wall Street‘ life for an OnlyFans career and now makes more money than she ever did in investment banking. 

The 26-year-old, from Frankfurt, Germany, used to feel rather insecure about her body – in high school, peers would rip into her body shape, dubbing her a ‘tomboy’ and a ‘stick with nipples’.


Now, after three bob jobs, a Brazilian butt lift and a combination of fillers and Botox at the total sum of more than £29,500, she’s more confident than ever – with men even ‘intimidated’ by her look.

OnlyFans Model Former Investment BankerMedia Drum World

The former investment banker’s modelling journey began back in 2013, when she underwent three breast augmentations to increase her bra size from an AA to an H cup. Despite a typically profitable career, Yvonne says she makes more money as an OnlyFans model.

Recounting her decision to have surgery, she said: 


I’ve always thought women with curves in the right places are beautiful and for me a woman should have nice breasts. I was always very insecure when it came to my boobs. Peers in school always mocked me because I didn’t have any boobs; they called me a tomboy. When I had my first boyfriend, I always slept with my push-up bra on. I avoided going to swimming pools or the beach.

I love women with nice curves in general; it’s very feminine to me. I love the exotic look, dark hair and curves. Kim Kardashian style. My first breast augmentation was at the end of 2013. It was very painful, but I felt better about my looks than before.

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Yvonne still wasn’t entirely satisfied, opting to have further operations in the US – due to the weight of her implants, so heavy that they hurt her neck, she also has an internal bra. ‘Now I feel more secure about myself and my appearance,’ she said.

Of late, the coronavirus pandemic has put a spanner in her surgery plans. She’d booked flights to Turkey for the week of March 23, to meet Dr Ali Uckan – who performed her butt lift – however, she was forced to cancel due the outbreak.

OnlyFans Model Who Quit Investment Banking Says She Makes More Money NowMedia Drum World

Yvonne added:

The coronavirus pandemic has affected me a lot. But I had to postpone everything because I can’t travel now because of the virus. I still make some money on my OnlyFans, but I have to promote it a lot because many people are having financial difficulties now and can’t spend as much as before.

She isn’t oblivious to men liking her look. ‘Men stare a lot of course but many are intimidated to actually walk up and talk to me, I think. I receive a lot of messages on my Instagram and OnlyFans and people from all over the world contact me and want to invite me to events,’ she said. However, she’s keen to assure that ‘I do it for myself and not to impress others’.

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Talking on the emotional toll of being an OnlyFans model, Yvonne said:

Sometimes it’s a bit stressful and it feels like I have to prove myself, that I am a good person with moral standards. Because people won’t believe it, just because I have big boobs. Which is crazy. But many men all over the world like my look and contact me on my social media.

It’s very difficult for me now to find a serious relationship. I would really like one, but I think I scare some good guys off. I attract guys that either want arm candy or guys that are famous or rich but are players. And I don’t like superficial relationships. I want something real.

To those feeling insecure about themselves, Yvonne has some advice: ‘Focus on yourself and let others live and do what they wish to their bodies. In the end it matters what you are on the inside, not on the outside.’


Which would you rather sell: nudes or stocks?

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