New QAnon Conspiracy Falsely Says Biden Helped China Create Texas Blackout


New QAnon Conspiracy Falsely Says Biden Helped China Create Texas BlackoutPA Images

QAnon believers have come up with a new theory that claims the loss of power in Texas was caused by President Joe Biden, rather than an Arctic storm. 

Though their predictions about Donald Trump didn’t quite pan out, QAnon conspiracy theorists continue to spout rogue theories and misinformation about politics.


The latest claims have been cooked up in the wake of the extreme weather conditions that hit Texas this week, prompting blackouts and a loss of water to millions of homes in the state.

Carbon Monoxide Poisonings On The Rise In Texas As People Desperately Try And Stay WarmPA Images

Fuelled by a major Q influencer who goes by the name InevitableET, the theory claims that when Biden signed the Keystone Pipeline Executive Order, he gave China access to the US power grid. As a result, China is said to have hacked the US power grid and caused the loss of power in Texas.

The theory gained attention on Telegram, Gab and the QAnon forum, where believers pushed the conspiracy and posted comments such as ‘I believe it’, Vice reports.


One internet user hailed the person behind the theory for their ‘solid research’, though the conspiracy failed to note that Texas’s power does not come from the two major federally-controlled electrical grids that service the other states.

Due in large part to the state’s resistance to federal regulation, Texas has its own electrical grid named ERCOT, which failed this week not because of hackers from China, but because residents looking to stay warm amid the extremely low temperatures caused a surge in demand for power and overwhelmed the grid.

The theory also became a topic of discussion on the QAnon Casualties Reddit thread, which offers advice and help to those whose loved ones have fallen victim to the QAnon belief system.


One user wrote, ‘I am in the currently frozen state of Texas. My Q people have now decided (based on a questionable article they have cited) that our polar storm this week is a result of some kind of weather warfare set in motion by the current administration.’

Joe BidenPA

While QAnon believers were busy coming up with ways to blame Biden for the blackouts, the president responded by approving a state of emergency in the state, ordering federal assistance to supplement state and local response efforts.


The Biden-China theory was one of a number of conspiracies that have been spread since the storm began earlier this week, with some QAnon believers proclaiming that the snow falling in Texas wasn’t real while others branded the cold snap as the storm that will prove true their belief system and allow Trump to become president again.

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    QAnon Thinks Biden Helped China Create the Texas Energy Crisis

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