New Dating App Connects Fellow Cat Lovers

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Asking a whole host of questions to someone you’ve just started dating is a rite of passage, and can range anywhere from ‘ketchup or brown sauce’ to ‘what’s your guilty pleasure?’

Some of them can be deal breakers though, with a wrong answer resulting in an awkward goodbye and a swiftly-written rejection text. For example: are you an introvert or an extrovert? A smoker or a non-smoker? A dog or a cat person?

I mean come on, if you’re a cat lover and see a multitude of furry felines in your future, you’ve ideally got to find someone who feels the same way as you. Which is why a dating app now exists specifically for cat people to connect with each other.

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The dating app, called Tabby, was created by sisters Leigh and Casey Isaacson, with the app being designed for both ‘cat lovers and cat owners’.

According to a release shared with People, Tabby will allow users to ‘meet each other, plan cat-friendly dates, get deals from cat companies, and share videos, photos, and stories all while their cats are in their element — at home’.

The app is made all the more necessary by recent research, which found cat lovers are often overlooked on other dating apps. Particularly men, who were viewed as less masculine, more neurotic, agreeable, and open and less dateable if they were holding a cat in their photo, according to a new study.

The research, carried out at Colorado State University, found women were less likely to swipe right on cat-loving men – something users of Tabby won’t need to worry about.

Sterling ‘TrapKing’ Davis, who leads a non-profit that helps catch and rehabilitate stray cats in Atlanta, said he’s had women ‘stop talking to him’ in the past once they found out about his cats.

Actor Nathan Kehn, who has four cats, has also experienced this, stating:

People without cats think that cat ladies and cat dudes are loners wrapped up in their bathrobes playing with balls of yarn all day. Really, cat people are the most suitable for real relationships.

We understand what it means to earn trust and how to relish affection. Cat is a lifestyle. They’re an important, uncompromising part of our lives.

Cat people are just as unique as the cats they love, but we understand each other. Finding someone who loves cats the way that you do is vital.

The app will launch just in time for International Cat Day on August 8 – a purrfect time to find the purrfect person, if you ask me.

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