Mum Livid As Woman With ‘Huge Hair’ Blocks Her View Of Frozen 2

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We’ve all faced the ball-ache of a human giraffe, whether it be at a gig or the cinema – such as this mum, who’s slammed a theatre chain after her movie was obscured by an ‘inconsiderate’ woman with a ‘huge bun’.

The new decade had just begun. As a post-Christmas treat, Ellie Hensby, from Sheffield, South Yorkshire, took her children to see Frozen 2 at the Vue Cinema in Meadowhall, Sheffield, on January 2.


However, Ellie’s chances of actually enjoying the film were soon ruined – she was left with ‘absolutely no chance’ of seeing anything when she sat behind a ‘giant with a huge bun’.

Ellie Hensby Big Hair Cinema ComplaintKennedy News/Facebook

The 28-year-old was unable to move seats as the screening was packed. Later, she complained to Vue about the incident and even suggested a ‘hairstyle policy’.

Ellie said:


I had to sit extremely uncomfortably just so I could see some of the film, so I was really annoyed that someone would wear their hair like that and not consider how it would affect the person sat behind them. It could have been a child sat in my seat and they wouldn’t have stood a chance of seeing any of the film at all.

She was really tall and I’m really short, which obviously couldn’t be helped, but her hairstyle was a choice and one that stopped me enjoying the film I was there to see with my two children. I think people just need to be more considerate towards others and not only care about how they look.

That’s why I complained – to make others aware that if you wear such a huge hairstyle to the pictures you’re likely to hinder someone’s view and that’s just not fair.

After taking to Facebook to moan about the cinema trip, not many people agreed with Ellie, ‘with pretty much everyone agreeing that a hairstyle is more important than worrying about affecting other people’.

Ellie Hensby Big Hair Cinema ComplaintKennedy News

Some users asked if she confronted the viewer in front of her, but she opted not to as the woman ‘was already stressed from her kids jumping and climbing all over the seats’. The mum also said that there should be more height between the rows of seats to prevent something like this happening.


Ellie added: 

I was asking if they had a policy about how big to wear your hair, I don’t think they do but could do with it when there’s people as inconsiderate as this. I couldn’t watch a film properly or comfortably because of the inconsideration of someone else.

If this post makes at least one person think twice about going to the pictures with a bun as big as their head on top of their head then I would say this post has done a bit of good.

Ellie Hensby Big Hair Cinema ComplaintKennedy News

The majority opinion in response to Ellie’s post appears to be that a hairstyle policy in cinemas wouldn’t be practical. One person, Nat Gibson, wrote: ‘You can’t tell someone how to wear their hair. Granted it wasn’t a sensible style for the cinema, but come on.’


Another user, Samantha Robinson, commented: ‘Can’t refuse someone in the cinema because of a hair style. The way you took the picture doesn’t do it any justice as it’s not an eye-level picture.’

Ellie Hensby Big Hair Cinema ComplaintKennedy News/Facebook

However, Ellie insisted the photo was taken at chest height and not a lower angle to make the hairstyle look bigger than it was. Despite much disagreement, she refused to delete the post.

Ellie said: ‘I certainly wasn’t going to be patronised into deleting anything because a bunch of narrow-minded idiots didn’t agree with what I said, I’ll always give as good as I get.’


Vue declined to comment. We’ve only kicked off the year and the first world problems are already rife.

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