Merseyside Woman Uses Guy’s Butt Crack As Fake Cleavage To Prank Men Who Send ‘Creepy’ DMs

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Merseyside Woman Uses Guy's Butt Crack As Fake Cleavage To Prank Men Who Send 'Creepy' DMsKennedy News and Media

If you’re a woman, there’s a 99.99% chance you’ll have been asked at some point or other to send an explicit picture to a stranger on the internet.

One woman was so fed up of receiving hundreds of sleazy messages from guys online she created a viral page to ‘humiliate’ them, with one post exposing a guy she had pranked into believing a man’s butt crack was her own cleavage.

Jennifer Sandbach, who says she is inundated with more than 50 sexually explicit messages from men a week, decided to get revenge not by blocking them, but by shaming them for the world to see.

woman humiliates men who send creepy messagesKennedy News and Media

The 29-year-old first noticed the messages when she looked at her ‘other’ folder on Facebook Messenger two years ago, and was horrified by the amount of ‘disgusting’ messages in there.

Since starting her page ‘Jenni Vs Creepy Inbox Guys‘ in January last year, Jennifer has amassed more than 13,500 followers, who often ask for advice on how to reply to these kinds of messages.

In one conversation, a man who had asked to see her breasts received the shock of his life when she actually replied with what appeared to be a close-up of her cleavage – only to later learn it was another man’s bum.

woman humiliates men who send creepy messagesKennedy News and Media

As soon as she sent the picture, the unknown man responded saying he would ‘be right back’, to which Jennifer responded: ‘Please tell me you are not doing what I think you are doing.’

The man then text to say he was ‘sorry’ but he ‘couldn’t control [himself]’, at which point Jennifer made her big reveal and sent a zoomed-out picture of what the image actually contained.

She then messaged him saying:

Oh dear hahaha. Well, you’ll wish soon you hadn’t just sp*nked because you have been punked!

woman humiliates men who send creepy messagesKennedy News and Media

That man wasn’t the only one to fall for Jennifer’s butt crack prank; in another exchange, a guy requested a picture of her in her ‘bra and knickers’ and she again sent a pre-saved image of what appeared to be her chest.

The stranger responded saying: ‘MMMM that just helped me finish babe you got nice t*ts,’ to which Jennifer again sent the full image of a man holding a bra over his bum and wrote: ‘You just tugged the slug over some man crack you thirsty freak.’

When the stranger didn’t respond, Jennifer wrote:

Are you upset with me now? I thought we had a thing? Don’t you like me no more? Nothing to say huh? Hopefully you’ll thin[k] twice before being a perv next time!

woman humiliates men who send creepy messagesKennedy News and Media
woman humiliates men who send creepy messagesKennedy News and Media

Jennifer’s husband hates that she sends such ‘childish’ messages and has told her to just block those who send them, but she refuses because she believes calling them out and shaming them might stop them harassing other women.

Rather than getting a man to pose for all of these pictures every time she gets a new message, Jennifer does save any pictures she sees online that might come in handy the next time somebody decides to send her a sleazy message.

The butt crack cleavage picture was actually the work of German actor and model Palina Rojinski, who got so fed up of receiving creepy DMs that she teamed up with late-night talk show Late Night Berlin and host Klaas Heufer-Umlauf to take the photo.

Getting a man to wear various outfits and a necklace over his butt crack, which was surrounded with hair extensions to complete the illusion, Palina then posted the picture to her social media to see what would happen.

You can check out the original picture below:

Jennifer, from Merseyside, said she receives so many lewd messages because she has four Facebook pages and groups of her own, and is a member in more than 100 groups in which she regularly posts.

She explained:

After dealing with so many rude and disgusting messages it has become obvious that the replies after being turned down and mocked all seem to follow the same formula. They call me a b*tch, wh*re, sl*t. All the things I am the exact opposite of as I’m turning them down. Go figure.

I personally just post on the page for the entertainment value it provides me. But if it helps to empower and give other ladies the confidence to not take crap from guys sending these disgusting messages then I am happy to have helped.

My husband absolutely hates that I receive these messages. It’s not due to him disagreeing with the overall message of what I do. He just asks why I don’t block them and thinks it is childish. But I believe if I did that, all they would do is move on to another poor unsuspecting woman.

I hope my no-nonsense approach rubs off on my followers, spreading the culture of not taking crap from guys who don’t want to respect women’s boundaries.

woman humiliates men who send creepy messagesKennedy News and Media
woman humiliates men who send creepy messagesKennedy News and Media

Jennifer hopes her method of ‘humiliating’ men who send creepy messages to strangers online might mean they ‘think twice’ before doing it again.

And while she initially felt ‘disgusted’ and ‘sickened’ by the types of people who would send such messages, she says she is now able to ‘brush it off’ because she’s helping other ‘less-hardened’ women ‘deal with these creeps’ too.

Hopefully any men considering sending such messages will recognise their creepy behaviour and stop it – if only for the fear of getting pranked like this.

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