Melbourne Guy ‘Obsessed’ With Plants Turns His Home Into An Indoor Rainforest

Mike Williams

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Melbourne Guy 'Obsessed' With Plants Turns His Home Into An Indoor RainforestThe Plant Society

Meet the architect from Melbourne who puts Alan Titchmarsh to shame.

Jason Chongue’s claim that he’s into plants is somewhat of an understatement – especially when you see his mini rainforest inside his home. The 32-year-old boasts an impressive indoor plant collection, with more than 400 individual plants turning his modest living space and limited outdoor area into a visually stunning jungle.

Jason told Daily Mail Australia, ‘Filling my home with plants was an organic result of not having enough outdoor space to feed my gardening obsession. When you live in a dense urban community, outdoor space comes at a premium, so the answer was gardening indoors. There are so many indoor plants that can thrive in our indoor world.’

He continued:

I was infatuated with nature and greenery, from plants to pets I was obsessed. I would spend my days in the garden, growing and experimenting with anything I could get my hands on.

Over the years I’ve explored a range of plant types and species, but the collection has grown and evolved. Some plants I have with me now are from my childhood, whilst others are additions and others have been passed on to me.

‘My obsession with plants comes from my passion for greenery, and how plants can make the world of difference in our living spaces,’ he explained.

Jason’s top five indoor planting tips are: plan well; don’t be charmed by its initial look; know yourself as a gardener; be individual; and experiment.

He explained, ‘On a daily basis I spend thirty minutes to an hour gardening in the morning and then I spend an hour or so after work tending to my plants. Once a week I spend a solid block of one to two hours getting more intricate tasks done.’

The green-fingered innovator says his indoor wonderland helps him to ‘escape my daily urban life’, and in 2016 he transformed his passion into a business by the name of The Plant Society – a sort of social network for like-minded plant enthusiasts to connect and share tips.

Jason’s place is undeniably impressive, but, as you’ve probably noticed, there’s not a whole lot of room to socially distance. Still, you’d be breathing plenty of well oxygenated air, that’s for sure.

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    Welcome to my indoor rainforest

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