Mates Use Friend’s Ashes To Catch 180-Pound Fish In His Memory


Mates Use Friend's Ashes To Catch 180-Pound Fish In His MemoryJurassic Mountain Resort and Fishing Park/ Inside Edition/YouTube

It’s been five years since keen fisherman Ronnie died, but his memory lives on thanks to a unique, and slightly bizarre tribute from his best friends.

A year before his death from cancer at the age of 64, Ronnie and his two friends, Cliff and Paul, visited Thailand on holiday. The country is known for its giant carp – famed for reaching up to 330lb in weight and 6 feet in length – and the group spent a large part of their vacation at the Jurassic Mountain Resort and Fishing Park casting their lines in the hopes of netting a big catch.


Ronnie, Cliff and Paul were in luck, with Ronnie using his favourite peg to catch a massive 154pound giant carp. It was a precious memory for the 3 friends, and after Ronnie’s death, Cliff and Paul decided to retrace their steps a year later to pay tribute to the group’s friendship.

Jurassic Mountain Resort and Fishing Park/Inside Edition/YouTubeJurassic Mountain Resort and Fishing Park/Inside Edition/YouTube

But while many people choose to scatter their loved one’s ashes at their favourite beach, Cliff and Paul came up with a very different way to bring Ronnie with them on their vacation. The pair had the idea of having Ronnie’s ashes mixed into their fishing bait, allowing them to bring him out onto the water with them one final time.

It’s a weird way to remember a friend, but it seems like Ronnie approved. Using the bait and Ronnie’s favourite peg, the pair managed to catch a giant carp even large than the one Ronnie hooked a few years earlier, with the ‘tribute’ catch weighing in at 18o pounds.


In a post on their Facebook page, Jurassic Mountain Resort and Fishing Park confirmed the catch, writing ‘unbelievably – actually quite eerily – Cliff and Paul using their dead friend ‘Ronnies’ ashes mixed into their boilies have honoured him to the highest level after their latest capture.’

The Resort aren’t the only ones who were confused by the tribute. In a video about the catch posted on YouTube by Inside Edition, one user commented ‘Damn…imagine dying and your ashes being used as bait ‘ while another wrote ‘That’s just sick, man.’

But others seemed to get it, with one person saying they were ‘glad his memory lived on,’ and another telling doubters ‘it’s a fisherman’s thing you wouldn’t understand.’


Unfortunately, giant carp are a critically endangered species, and after posing for a photo Cliff and Paul safely released their catch back into the river. But their tribute to their friend remains memorable to this day.

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    Fishermen Catch 180-Pound Fish Using Dead Friend's Ashes for Bait

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