Man’s Sexist ‘How To Be A Beautiful Woman’ Tweet Backfires Immediately

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Man tweets sexist rules for women how to be a woman alexander cortesaja_cortes/Instagram/@AJA_Cortes/Twitter

Don’t you just love it when a man decides it’s his right to tell women he doesn’t even know how to act, look, and dress?

There are few things on the internet that make me stop in my tracks and think, ‘what the actual f*ck?’ anymore. Primarily because the internet is so bloody weird 100 per cent of the time these days.

One man has managed to change that though by taking to social media to inform the world what he believes a ‘beautiful woman’ should look like. And it’s gross.


The man, Alexander J.A Cortes, who describes himself as both a ‘trainer’, ‘writer’ and ‘speaker’ tweeted a list of rules about how women can become beautiful.

The list included things like: being thin (excuse me while I go and vomit); being able to cook (I’m sorry, have we been transported to the 1940s?); shaving, which he says should go without saying; and wearing pink and ‘feminine’ colours. Sigh.

Alexander also told us we should have long hair, be feminine, and ‘love men’. Oh, what a delight this man is. Where can I meet him?!

You can take a look at his tweet below:

The gent advised other men they could use his list to ‘vet’ women they are interested in; Alexander said if a woman reacts poorly to his list, it means they are ‘harpies that you never want to breed with’. Well, guess I’m a harpie that no one wants to breed with then.

He also implied any woman getting angry with his tweet is fat, saying:

If you’re angry, it might be because your excess bodyfat is causing hormonal fluctuations that make you emotional

You can fix this by working out and going to the gym and unfatting Yourself

I’m sorry, unfatting yourself? At least work on your grammar if you’re going to insult half of the population with your sexist, out of date, and quite frankly offensive viewpoints.

Obviously, his tweets backfired. Massively. One woman called him a ‘fuck hat,’ while another said women can do whatever the hell they want and don’t have to listen to his 1949 views. Preach it, sister.

Others called his tweets ‘bullsh*t,’ while another said she was ‘flabbergasted this level of idiot exists’. A lot couldn’t decide whether his tweets were satire or a joke, but Alexander’s replies soon confirmed he was being deadly serious.

Advising his followers he only speaks to women who are 8+ out of 10, he told any women he didn’t reply to not to feel bad, but to make themselves more beautiful instead.

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Gray hair is a crown of glory; it is attained along the path of righteousness, Proverbs 16:31. . I’ve always looked forward to aging, but the one thing that has completely surprise me though is the speed in which my beard is going from dark brown to silver and white. . Looking “young” has never been a concern of mine; I’ve always found it a mark of immaturity for men who cling to looking boyish, I’ve always idolized a weathered look, marked by the passage of time. . The silver has been funny to watch though, not just that it came so early, but that it reminds me of my mortality. My time in this form IS finite. I’ve looked 30+ since I was about 20, and now that I’m at 30, it does feel different. . People who tell you they are 50 but feel 20, I question if theyre full of it. My sense of purpose, my confidence, my wisdom, my perception, all have Increased with the passage of time. There is nothing from when I was 20 that I’d want feel again. . I love getting older. And maybe it’s my ego, but I’d like to think I earned every point of silver with meaningful living and lesson to accompany it. . And if nothing else, I can say with 100% certainty that women are ridiculously attracted to a silver fox look. . . . . . . #purpose #passion #useful #problemsolving #findingmyself #selfdevelopment #ballet #matrix #masculinityispower #masculinity #mcm #redpill #bibliophilia #mentors #toxicmasculinity #mentalhealth #canthurtme #disciplineequalsfreedom #fatloss #consistencyiskey #bodybuilding

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Ah, sexism. I wonder if Alexander’s managed to find a ‘beautiful woman’ to share his life with yet?

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Alexander J.A Cortes /Twitter
  1. Alexander J.A Cortes /Twitter


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