Man Turns Up To Stag Do To Find His Ex-Wife Is His Stripper

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A guy had a massive surprise when the stripper at his stag do turned out to be his ex-wife. 

If there’s one person you don’t want to run into on your stag do, it’s your ex. You’d be literally rubbing your new happiness in their face, and it would probably make for an uncomfortable encounter.

But you know what would make an even more uncomfortable encounter? If your ex spent the evening rubbing themselves in your face.

It’s quite hard to imagine, I admit, but that’s pretty much along the lines of what happened for one unfortunate groom.

The stag had gathered up his friends for a fun-filled weekend booked with StagWeb, who had set up the guys with ‘the best weekend ever’ ahead of the groom’s big day.

Guy's stag do stripper is his ex wifeGetty (posed by models)

The group went to a strip club, all ready to be entertained by nudity, when the groom’s ex-wife stepped out to perform.

Imagine his face! That would be a priceless picture.

Probably the best part about the whole situation is that the groom had no idea his ex had taken up stripping, so his mind was well and truly blown.


Even that might be an understatement, actually. In his own words, the groom told UNILAD:

A surprise? My ex-wife wife was the stripper at the stag do to my new wife! Unless I win the lottery the same day I get selected to play for England in the World Cup, that’s the biggest surprise I’m ever going to have!

None of the party had any clue she would be there, and the unfortunate man admitted StagWeb probably aren’t in the habit of asking strippers if their past lovers are likely to turn up, which is understandable. The chances must be miniscule.

Despite the history between them, the stripper went ahead and did her show without exchanging a word with the groom.


In fairness to her, she acted very professionally by continuing her performance. Plus, taking your clothes off is certainly an effective way to show an ex what they’re missing.

Though I’m sure she gave an excellent performance, the stag was more concerned with what his fiancée would think about the shocking coincidence.

He explained:

The show was alright but I’d seen it all before. Mainly I was just s***ing myself about what my new wife would say.

While the soon-to-be husband wasn’t impressed, his mates certainly enjoyed watching the scenario unfold.


He continued:

Those that knew who she was thought it was hilarious. The rest didn’t know a thing, when they found out they thought it was hilarious too. At least it’s my ex-wife they’ve all seen naked, not my new wife.

Clearly deciding his fiancée wouldn’t find the situation as funny has his friends, the groom decided not to tell her about his connection with the stripper.

Now, I’m not married, but I can confidently say this was a terrible decision. While it wasn’t his fault he had been married to the stripper, if the truth ever comes out I’m sure there’ll be some unpleasant repercussions for his secret-keeping.

Guy's stag do stripper is his ex wifeGetty (posed by models)

He obviously thinks the same, as he admitted:

[My wife] doesn’t know and all the stags are sworn to secrecy. If she finds out I reckon she’ll leave me, then I might end up seeing her dancing at my next stag do!

I assume it’s now clear why I’ve not mentioned this guy’s name throughout the article. He must have a lot of faith in his friends to keep that secret!

Of course, not all stag parties encounter such shocking situations, and StagWeb put together a more likely description of your average stag do based on data from 248,184 parties in 2018.

Bristol, Bournemouth, Liverpool, Cardiff and Newcastle emerged as the most popular destinations for UK stag parties – though maybe a lesson you can take from this story is to go somewhere far away from anyone you’ve ever broken up with.


Despite the whole Brexit debacle, 44 per cent of stags went overseas in 2018, with Berlin in the top spot for the most popular oversees location and June ranked as the busiest month for stags.

Only 11 per cent of evening activities involved female nudity, though lap dances still featured in the top five, along with nightclubs, bar crawls, casinos and comedy clubs.

According to the most recent YouGov poll, 81 per cent of women didn’t think their partners had been at all secretive about a stag weekend they had attended.

I wonder if our groom’s new wife was part of that poll?


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