Man Tries To Organise Funeral For His Laptop


Man Tries To Organise Funeral For His Laptopkingzehn/TikTok

When the reaper finally came for a TikToker’s laptop, he tried to organise a funeral.

Of all our household bits of tech, saying goodbye to a laptop is probably the most tragic of all. It’s not like a phone, which a lot of people replace every two years when the next souped-up version comes out. It’s not like a game console, which generally reaches the end of its life upon the next generation.


Laptops eek out every last minute of their worth to you. You put up with overheating, scalding your lap after it’s been on for half an hour with more than one app open. You handle the withering battery, soon reduced to being plugged in at all times. Crappy display? It’ll do. It takes a lot to part ways, but it comes to us all, all the same.

Check out the TikToker’s video below: 


TikTok creator Zehn, aka @kingzehn, recently posted a video of himself in a funeral home with his laptop, asking if he can make arrangements. The woman behind the counter asks: ‘Has the person already died?’ When he says yes, she asks where the body is.


After pointing to his laptop, she looks confused. ‘It’s right here,’ he says. ‘My laptop died… I still can’t decide if I want it open or closed.’ At this point, the woman clocks the person filming and starts laughing.

The video has already amassed more than 1.8 million views, with one user writing: ‘Why is she laughing it’s not funny. Rest the laptop’s soul.’


‘The nerve of that lady laughing. Sorry for your loss, RIP laptop,’ another joked. ‘I’d be like ok fam it’s 10k upfront let’s go look at caskets,’ a third commented.

Others have found particular amusement with her asking where the body is, ‘as if you gonna bring in the body,’ as one user wrote. ‘Where’s the body has me wondering this isn’t the first time something has happened before,’ another wrote.


‘I mean where’s the body? Oh it’s in my truck I brought my shovel too just in case,’ another wrote. ‘She’s gonna go home and tell her husband she heard the darnest thing,’ another commented.

Others seem to be a bit confused by her asking if the person had already died, with a number of comments asking why you’d plan a funeral for someone who’s still alive. This is actually relatively common, particularly with those who are terminally ill and may wish to have a hand in their own funeral.

Featured Image Credit: kingzehn/TikTok

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