Man Shares What Frugal Life Is Like In The Jungle

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Man Shares What Frugal Life Is Like In The JungleUNILAD/Facebook

An American man who left the States to live in the Amazon has revealed what life is like inside a jungle community.

Fruit Haven is a sustainable eco-village in Morona-Santiago, Ecuador. The village promotes a vegan ‘fruitarian’ lifestyle, and is open for part-time volunteers and full-time residents wishing to escape the grind of daily life under western capitalism.


The commune was established three years ago and is already producing harvests of native fruits including papaya, pineapples and bananas. There’s absolutely no technology in use on the farm, with residents harvesting crops using knives and tools made from the natural environment.

‘We always give something back to the Earth, so nothing goes to waste,’ the resident explains.

Life within Fruit Haven is run under a ‘decentralised system of leadership, where everyone has an equal say’, with the community in some cases having to ask people who try to assert more authority over the village to leave.

Fruit Haven is an eco-village in Ecuador (UNILAD/Facebook)UNILAD/Facebook

The resident says he’s sharing his experience to prove that it is possible to live a more sustainable life, even if his example is an extreme one.

‘One of the really unique things about Fruit Haven is that it’s a place where raw vegans and fruitarians can come from all different parts of the world and connect in person,’ he says.

Houses built by carpenters in the community cost between $5,000-$14,000, and are open for community residents to buy after spending six months in the village.

It’s not for everyone, but ultimately, Fruit Haven hopes it can provide a model for a future global network of ‘decentralised, autonomous and plant based communities’.

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    Leaving The USA For The Amazon Jungle

Hannah Smith
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