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Man Reveals Incredible Story Of How He Survived A Plane Crash

Emily Brown


Man Reveals Incredible Story Of How He Survived A Plane Crash@youthpastorryan/TikTok

Comedian and TikToker Ryan Kelly has shared his story of surviving a plane crash after debunking another user’s claims about what to do if you ever happen to find yourself in such a situation. 

Kelly revealed he was the survivor of a plane crash while responding to a TikTok video posted by user Sugene, who runs a ‘Conspiracy Tok’ and claimed her advice on plane crashes could ‘save your life and make you millions of dollars’.


In response to Sugene’s video, Kelly argued that ‘everything she said was wrong’, noting that he knew this as a survivor of a plane crash himself.

TikToker describes plane crash (@youthpastorryan/TikTok)@youthpastorryan/TikTok

Naturally, this revelation sparked curiosity among TikTok users and the comedian was encouraged to share more details of his dramatic story, leading him to post a follow-up video in which he said the crash took place in the early 2010s when he and his family were travelling from Newark, New Jersey, to St. Louis, Missouri on a ‘smaller jet’.

Kelly and his brother were seated in the emergency exit row, and after finally taking off following hours of delays the passengers reportedly found themselves caught in an electric storm. The plane is said to have taken a sharp turn after exiting the storm and the TikToker recalled how a single oxygen mask could be seen dropping from the front of the plane.


Hear Kelly tell his story below:


The pilot reportedly told passengers the plane was experiencing ‘severe technical malfunctions’ and that it would have to make an emergency landing. As if that wasn’t enough to get people panicking, the flight attendants then allegedly made their way down the aisle and told passengers to ‘call your loved ones’ – something that might be considered a nice activity at Christmas, but definitely not what you want to hear while on a plane.

Things only got worse when both of the plane’s engines overheated and shut down, and Kelly learned the emergency exit door he was sitting next to was not fully closed. Having turned around to head back to Newark, the plane landed so quickly that its wheels exploded as it ground to a halt, with ambulances and fire trucks waiting to take control of the situation.

TikToker describes plane crash (@youthpastorryan/TikTok)@youthpastorryan/TikTok

Thankfully, Kelly said passengers experienced at worst ‘minor injuries’, and in the end ‘it was all good’.

The video detailing his dramatic tale has been viewed more than seven million times by intrigued viewers, with one person responding to say Kelly’s storytelling is ‘amazing’ while another described the comedian’s life as ‘wild’.

Hopefully Kelly’s account is the closest any of us will ever get to being in a plane crash, though admittedly – when it turns out okay – it makes for an interesting story.


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Emily Brown
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