Man Reacts To Tape He Left For Himself 20 Years Ago

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Man Reacts To Tape He Left For Himself 20 Years AgoU/qasqaldag/Reddit

A self-described ‘time-travelling filmmaker’ managed to have a conversation with his 12-year-old self thanks to his own brilliant forward-thinking in 1992. 

While most people keep their conversations with themselves pretty private, Jeremiah McDonald has received global attention for the impressive back-and-forth he has created with his past self.

The content creator joined YouTube in 2006, but came up with the idea for one of his most successful videos before the video platform was even around.

Check it out below:

The ’20th Anniversary Edition’ of ‘A Conversation With My 12-Year-Old Self’ shows McDonald pouring himself a drink and settling in to watch a video tape that has been reserved for the ‘future’.

On the screen pops his 12-year-old self, who quickly comments that his future self ‘looks different’ and ‘older’ than 32. Though the young boy had no real-time responses coming his way, the pair manage to have a brilliant back-and-forth in which they share details about their lives at the time.

A young McDonald sadly learns that all of his beloved pets are dead, while the older version is reminded of a drawing he made when he was young, and reflects on how he ‘wanted to be an animator’ before he ‘got lazy and went into filmmaking’.

The video marked the second ‘conversation’ McDonald has shared with his younger self, with his first coming when he initially joined YouTube. In a video discussing the making of the 20th anniversary clip, the content creator explained that while his family ‘loved’ his first attempt, it didn’t receive the same reception from other viewers.

In 2012, he decided to try again, this time having learned from the mistakes he made in his first video. He successfully ‘proved’ that he was really talking to his younger self with images taken through the years, and added ‘funnier’ content by including ‘those little comic moments’.

The result took the world by storm and has racked up more than 33 million views to date, as well as earning McDonald attention on The Today Show, CNN and The Huffington Post.

Social media users have expressed a wealth of praise for McDonald, with one describing the video as ‘probably one of the most clever skits ever created’, adding, ‘and I’m not overexaggerating that at all’.

With the 30th anniversary of the original video fast approaching, we’ll have to wait and see whether McDonald returns to speak to his younger self once again with another decade of knowledge under his belt.

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Jeremiah McDonald/YouTube
  1. Jeremiah McDonald/YouTube

    A Conversation With My 12 Year Old Self: 20th Anniversary Edition

Emily Brown
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