Man Loses Nearly 200 Pounds In Less Than Year To Ride New Roller Coaster


Man Loses Nearly 200 Pounds In Less Than Year To Ride New Roller CoasterFox News/CoasterBoy/Facebook

Jared Ream loves roller coasters so much, he lost an impressive 190 pounds to be able to ride on one. 

Jared has visited Kings Island, an amusement park in Mason, Ohio, several times in his life, but after gaining weight he struggled to go on the rides he loved. Jared dubs Kings Island as his ‘happy place’ so was understandably gutted when his weight hindered his hobby. He described the moment he was turned away from a ride as a ‘walk of shame’.


While he thought his days riding roller coasters were over, when Kings Island announced the news of its new ride Orion, Jared knew he couldn’t miss out on the fun.

Fox News/Jared Ream

Jared wrote about the moment he decided to lose weight on

On Aug. 15, 2019, Kings Island made the announcement that would change everything for me. They were building Orion. A 300-foot-tall B&M Giga-coaster. All my favorite things in one roller coaster, and at my home park.

This was it. This was the motivation I needed. I had always made a promise to myself that if Kings Island ever built a B&M Giga, that I would have to ride it, no matter what it took for me to do so. Well, they finally were doing it, and now it was time to act. I decided the day of the announcement that I would lose all the weight and ride it on opening day.


He then set himself the goal of losing 22 pounds each month and, after a strict diet and exercise regime, successfully did so. The 35-year-old blamed going from a physically active job to an office job for his weight gain and, at his largest, the 6ft 9″ man weighed around 430 pounds.

But after his weight loss, when Kings Island reopened its doors for the first time on July 2 following the pandemic (with safety measures in place), Jared was over the moon to finally be back in his favourite place.

JaredFox News/Jared Ream

Speaking about returning to the park, he said:


I just kept thinking about how lucky I was to be there. Not only was all the hard work worth it for my health, but I was also finally getting to now experience my passion again — something I hadn’t been able to do for many years.

Adding to Jared’s joy, Orion didn’t disappoint, and he went on to ride it four times in a row. He added, ‘You couldn’t see it because of my mask, but I had the biggest smile on my face.’

Hats off to Jared for his sheer determination.

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    Man loses nearly 200 pounds in less than a year to ride new roller coaster

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