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Man Finds Dad Who Passed Away Seven Years Ago On Google Earth

Saman Javed


Man Finds Dad Who Passed Away Seven Years Ago On Google EarthTeacherUfo/Twitter

A man in Japan has found images of his dad who passed away seven years ago on Google Earth.

Taking to Twitter, @TeacherUfo said he had decided to search for his parents’ house on Google Earth due to boredom and having nothing to do during the pandemic.


‘I saw my father who has passed away seven years ago,’ he wrote. He said he then zoomed past his father and his mum on her way home.

Commenting on how satellite images had managed to catch a moment of his parents’ relationship, he said, ‘My father must have been waiting for my mother to return home. My father was a quiet but kind man, I hope that Google Earth doesn’t update the photo for this place.’

The touching post has since been liked by more than 670,000 people. One person advised the user that ‘past images will disappear if they become too old’.


‘Images of my home more than 8 years ago are no longer available,’ they said.

The man’s tweets have also inspired others to look up places on Google Earth that hold sentimental value.

‘When I saw your tweet I went on Google Earth and found my grandmother working in the field. She passed away last year. I’m grateful to be able to see my grandmother in this form,’ one user wrote.


In likeness to the original tweet, another user said they had tried to search for their parents’ house and discovered a picture of their grandfather returning home to their grandmother.

‘I also tried searching for the countryside where my mother’s parents’ house was, and found a picture of my grandfather returning home with my grandmother after working in the fields,’ the user said.

They added, ‘He passed away 4 years ago. I immediately sent a screenshot of it to my mother’s family and they were happy to see it. Thank you very much for this opportunity.’


One user said they had a similar experience when looking for their house on Google Earth last year.

‘I also saw my dog who has passed away due to old age while I was searching for my home on Google Earth last year. I was happy when I saw him. I also hope this photo doesn’t change,’ the user wrote.

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Saman Javed
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