Man Driving Stolen Car Crashes Into Woman Driving Another Stolen Car In Oregon


Man Driving Stolen Car Crashes Into Woman Driving Another Stolen Car In OregonNewberg-Dundee Police Department

A man driving a stolen car crashed into a woman driving another stolen car, in a perfect example of karma coming back to bite you.

The ordeal took place in Newberg, Oregon, on Sunday, July 5, which led to the man and woman being arrested.


The man, named as 27-year-old Randy Lee Cooper, had stolen a Toyota Land Cruiser and after someone reported the incident, Newberg-Dundee Police Department successfully tracked the car down and pursued it.

CooperNewberg-Dundee Police Department

Unfortunately for Cooper, in attempting to elude the cops he crashed into another car, which turned out had been stolen three weeks earlier.

The second car, a Buick, had been stolen by 25-year-old  Kristin Nicole Begue who – as well as having stolen the car – was under the influence of alcohol and drugs.


Good day at the office for the cops; not so much for Begue and Cooper.

BegueNewberg-Dundee Police Department

In a Facebook post, the police explained what had happened: 

On the morning of July 5, 2020, Newberg-Dundee Police officers responded to a report of a suspect that had just stolen a victim’s Toyota Land Cruiser. Officers located the stolen vehicle moments later as it drove through town. The suspect attempted to elude police through downtown Newberg and crashed the Land Cruiser into an occupied Buick Regal near E. Franklin & College St.

Officers took the suspect into custody from the Land Cruiser, but then learned the Buick Regal was also stolen from a completely unrelated crime that had been reported about three weeks prior. The driver of the stolen Buick was found to be under the influence of intoxicants and arrested as well.


Here's a new one for you to start the week. (*Press Release*)On the morning of July 5, 2020, Newberg-Dundee Police…

Posted by Newberg-Dundee Police Department on Monday, July 6, 2020

Following the crash, Cooper was arrested for unauthorised use of a motor vehicle, attempting to elude police, assault-3, reckless driving and other related crimes. Meanwhile, Begue was arrested for driving under the influence of intoxicants and unauthorised use of a motor vehicle.

On the post, one officer commented, ‘None of us have ever heard of this happening before. NDPD may have made history.’

Some people have joked that it’s like a strange ending for TV show How I Met Your Mother. 


Now that would be quite the story to tell the grandkids.

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Newberg-Dundee Police Department/Facebook
  1. Newberg-Dundee Police Department/Facebook


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