Mall Replaces Lift Buttons With Foot Pedals To Reduce Spread Of Coronavirus


Mall Replaces Lift Buttons With Foot Pedals To Reduce Spread Of CoronavirusSeacon Square/Twitter

A mall in Thailand has replaced its lift buttons with foot pedals in an effort to reduce spreading of the coronavirus. 

At the time of writing, May 25, the country has had a total of 3,042 confirmed cases and 57 fatalities since the outbreak began there in January, and after nearly two months of lockdown the country has started to ease its restrictions.


As part of the new rules, shopping centres recently started to open their doors, allowing Thai residents to enjoy some safe and responsible retail therapy.

In an effort to keep its customers safe, Seacon Square mall in Bangkok installed new foot pedals in its lifts, allowing users to simply tap for the floor they want to go to, rather than use their hands to push a button.

Seacon Square revealed its new foot pedals on Twitter, writing (translated):


Easy and worry-free! With foot pedal lifts at “Seacon Square Srinakarin”

Simply use the foot pedal one time in front of the lift to select up or down. After that, when entering the lift step on the floor you want to go to.

Convenient, safe, no need to touch hands!

The virus is spread primarily from person to person through small droplets from the nose or mouth, which are expelled when a person carrying the virus coughs, sneezes or speaks, the World Health Organization explains. These droplets can land on surfaces, such as lift buttons, and spread if another person touches the surface then touches their face.


By removing the buttons, the mall has successfully reduced the need for shoppers to touch potentially contaminated surfaces.

Features like these may become more common as countries start to ease restrictions and implement ways to reduce the spread of the virus and keep residents safe.

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  1. Seacon Square/Twitter


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