Life-Size Trump Buddha On Sale For £450 In China

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Life-Size Trump Buddha On Sale For £450 In ChinaTaobao/PA Images

If you’ve desperately been looking for a life-size Trump Buddha to put in your home, we know just the place you can get one.

The rather niche piece of furniture is currently being sold on Chinese online shopping platform Taobao, and will set you back an eye-watering £450 for the 14ft version, or £110 for the 5ft version.

Made of white porcelain, it bears an uncanny resemblance to that of the former POTUS, who is wearing a robe while sat in a meditative pose.

The description on the website says the statue will ‘make your company great again’ and jokes that Trump knows Buddhism better than anyone.


Chinese media outlet Global Times spoke to the statue’s seller, who said they got the idea for the quirky piece after hearing Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again’ slogan and adapted it to encourage people to buy it for their companies to make them ‘great again’ too.

The seller, who claims to have made hundreds of the statues and sold dozens so far, said that most people have bought it for fun.

One guy to have purchased the statue is Beijing-based Li Guoqiang. Explaining why he bought it, he told Insider, ‘I thought it was a really comical thing to have in the office. I can’t say I’m a Trump fan but he looks quite peaceful there, doesn’t he?’

‘Who knows, maybe he’ll really make my company great again,’ Li quipped.


Li is waiting for his order to arrive but apparently has already made space for the 5ft statue, and will place it along the corridor of his office’s second-floor bathroom.

Another unnamed buyer from Shanghai told the Global Times:

I bought it for fun and put it on my desk at home as a decoration. Trump can also be regarded as a representative of an era, and extreme egoism. Now the era has passed but I want the statue to remind me: Don’t be too Trump.

According to Insider, another popular piece of Trump-related merchandise on Taobao is their Trump toilet brush. I’ll take two, please.

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Global Times and 1 other
  1. Global Times

    Buddha statue of Trump trending on Taobao

  2. Insider

    A statue of Trump as Buddha is trending on China's online shopping platform Taobao with the slogan 'make your company great again'

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